13 April 2024

Dirty Art Hairdressing: an out-of-the-box exhibition

Dirty Art Hairdressing is a growing community of creative artists whose works are presented in a stunning new project by the cutting-edge label HairFcker: people who really think out of the box.

Art Hairdressing – when hair becomes both inspiration and medium for stunning – and sometimes shocking – artistic and cultural statements. Like when French hair artist and designer Charlie Le Mindu used Hairdreams extensions to create haute couture. Now hairdressing label HairFcker is picking up the torch from another area of the globe. Today HairFcker is not only a hairdressing studio with a ten-year success story, but also a growing community of creative people. These are real artists, whose works are showcased in the new project of the cutting-edge label – Dirty Art Hairdressing. People who really think out of the box.

The first of this series of exhibitions opened in New York in December 2020. The exhibition presented unusual art objects made of hair, concrete, photo works, video projects, performances and master classes. It was a essentially a cultural manifesto: the works of hair industry artists, their vision of the world, a fresh perspective on hairdressing art.

Visitor feedback was so positive that in April 2021, three more shows took place: New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Already in an expanded format, this not itinerant exhibition had become a true cultural sensation, attracting the attention of many specialized hairdressing, fashion, style and cultural publications. Even local TV channels were eager to interview the curators of the Dirty Art Hairdressing exhibitionMaria Klass and Kirill Hairfucker.

This exciting and exploratory international journey ended in the exhibition’s native city of St. Petersburg. In July 2021, the exhibition appeared as part of the loft project entitled “Floors”, a creative space that targets young and talented artists. Over two weeks, the Dirty Art Hairdressing exhibition welcomed more than a thousand curious and enthusiastic visitors representing a highly varied demographic. The exhibits invariably evoked emotion, not always delight, sometimes rejection. More importantly, few people remained indifferent.

This stimulating and innovative project will continue to evolve. In the near future, HairFcker will present its audience with a new Digital Hairdressing format. Our lives are now turning increasingly toward digitalization and automatization. And this super-relevant topic is now the basis for future exhibitions.


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