5 March 2024

ART.116 Collection by Diego Guerrero

ART.116 Collection looks back at the days of confinement, which the younger generations experienced as captivity, a deprivation of freedom that salon clients tried to bypass by going it alone on their hair

“A symbolic exercise in which imperfection reflects the expressive power of the emotions of those days and that has led them to be the protagonists of this collection, in which they tell their story in the first person. Not being professional models has allowed the ART.116 Collection to show the authenticity and truth that is behind their faces, connecting with the general public.

“The days of confinement left us alone with ourselves and to the strangeness of what was happening outside. It was also a state of personal alarm. After the reopening of salons, many clients confessed to having cut their own hair. They felt a need to improve their image; to take control of their life in that time, that was more like not-time. That contact with their creativity connected them with their emotions and in those irregular and imperfect forms, a balance emerged.

“I have given them the leading role in the ART.116 Collection as a tribute. I wanted to reflect it in haircuts not aiming for perfection, but respecting the silhouettes that they unknowingly designed. That is why triangular shapes and textures that protrude are redundant. Hence the title that gives its name, the article of the Constitution that took us out of normality forever.”

Credits: ART.116 Collection by Diego Guerrero

Hair: La Barbería De Diego | @labarberiadediego

Photography: Ernesto Gonca | @ernestogonca

MUA: Inma | @creearte_inmavidal

Styling: La barbería De Diego | @labarberiadediego

Products: SkullMen@skullmen_k89


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