11 December 2023

Better Your Blondes with Dan Spiller

Perfecting the many shades and tones of blonde hair is a gift, one that the most experienced colourists of the hairdressing world revel in when achieved. So Better Your Blondes!

“There is no greater feeling than when the blonde you get is exactly the one you wanted it to be,” explains Joico Colour Ambassador, Dan Spiller.

“Throughout SS21 and as we move forward into AW21, the blondes is back in full force; with platinum blonde and buttermilk blonde becoming the two most sought after shades – heavily influenced by social media and celebrities. The platinum, ice cool shade is great for those looking to make a statement; whereas the buttermilk blonde is aimed at those who would like a more subtle, beach blended blonde look.

“However, these shadesoften take a lot of experience and knowledge to achieve. Here I share with my top tips to bettering your blondes:

Educate yourself

“Blonde hair will always be a trend, no matter what year or decade we are in. Blondes are here for the long run. Take the time to invest in your skills and book onto a specified blonde colour course. This way you enhance your skill and learn all about how to achieve the perfect shade. It also ensures you are aware of everything in between. Investing in this will be worth more than you will ever know. It’s skills, techniques, and knowledge that you will use day in and day out and can set you apart from your competitors.

Know your products

“Creating the perfect blonde is not just about skills and techniques. It’s important to also remember that these work hand in hand with the products that you use too. Many salons work with professional product companies, and at Marc Antoni we are proud to partner with JOICO Europe. Many product houses have unique, blonde ranges; it is also vital that you learn about these in as much depth and detail as you possibly can. Use the products, experiment and find their USP for each trend you are looking to recreate. Don’t just focus on the salon products. Ensure you are also aware of the retail ranges, which will allow you to recommend to your clients, ensuring their colour remains vibrant and healthy at all times.

Understand the complexion partnership

“We have all experienced a client who is adamant that they want a specific shade of blonde, it happens all the time. In some cases, the colour can also be too harsh or not suit the clients skin tone and complexion. This is where the complexion partnership comes into play. This is a way in which we evaluate the clients skin tone with the colour of choice, also allowing us to show them what suits and what does not. Remember, you are the professional and the client actively looks to you for advice and guidance. By showing them what works with their own skin tone and complexion also shows that you know what you are talking about.


“Experimenting is the way in which new trends and techniques occur, with many discovered by simply trying something completely new and out of the ordinary. Never be afraid to try. In your spare time, experiment with different products, colours and toners and you will love what you can create and just how quickly you can build on your skills. There are many free education sites to learn from and of course so many colourists sharing their knowledge on IGTV, so take the time to experiment.


“If in doubt, ask! Asking questions is the best way to progress in your career and learn new things – it’s how our industry progresses. The colour world is constantly evolving, therefore no question is ever too silly. Your colleagues and salon team are there to help you at all times, never forget that – they will ask your advice too.”

To discover more about Joico Blonde Ambition please CLICK HERE


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