26 March 2023

The Spectrum Collection by Alazne Montero

The Spectrum Collection delves into the duality of human beings, in its light but also in darkness. Brightness is represented by the colours of the light spectrum and darkness is represented by the colour black.

In the looks, the elements, the different colour arrangements in The Spectrum Collection also evoke how sometimes “darkness” covers everything almost completely. Also, how they can coexist and complement each other or how “light” is sometimes so powerful that it can handle everything.

The result of this game of contrasts is an intense, but also a surprising hair look that captures the uniqueness of the game of lights and colours, always with a glossy finish.

Hair: Alazne Montero | @alaznemontero

Hair Instagram: @furundarenapelukerak

Photography: Joao Ngalia | @joaongalia

Retouching: Joao Ngalia | @joaongalia

Make-up: Alba Herrera | @albaherrera.muah

Styling: Alazne Montero | @alaznemontero

Models: Suvdae Batsuuri | @suvdae Bianka Szamosi | @bian_sz


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