1 June 2023

Interview with Chiara Ferragni: ghd Unplugged

In an Estetica Interview with Chiara Ferragni, face of the new ghd Unplugged campaign and international ambassador for the brand, she talks about why she’s a huge ghd fan!

Estetica participated in the exclusive presentation event of ghd’s new compact cordless styler, the revolutionary ghd Unplugged at the luxurious Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan. On the terrace of the Gallia, together with a select group of international journalists, we had the opportunity to have an interview with Chiara Ferragni, enthusiastic to be the face of the new ghd Unplugged, a cordless styler that guarantees professional results identical to those you’d expect from any ghd styler.

Why did you decide to be the face of ghd Unplugged?

“I have always been a huge ghd fan, for me they’re best stylers I have used and have been working with this brand for many years. I’m thrilled to be the face of this campaign because ghd Unplugged is the styler that really fits my lifestyle – especially pre-Covid – always on the go and often without the ability to connect the styler to a power point. But now it is much simpler and this really is the product that represents my lifestyle”.

When is the ideal time to use the new ghd Unplugged?

“Whenever I need to sort my hair out! For example, when I have to leave the office and go to another important meeting, or when I visit my friends for an aperitif, or, for example, after a flight – as and when we regain that freedom! I remember in the past on many occasions when I needed to touch up my make-up, but I could not do the same for my hair. But now I can do that with comfort and ease – on the plane, in the car and never having to worry about connecting the styler to the mains.”

Do you have any anecdotes about recording this campaign with ghd?

“We created the campaign at the end of February 2020, after Milan Fashion Week. It was a very beautiful and very productive day but at the same time we were all very worried about the Covid situation, as it was a week before they closed everything and at that moment we still did not understand what was really happening. For many months I lived in a state of sadness, because it was the last photo session I did before the lockdown. So it was definitely an important occasion for me. Happily, now we hope to leave this difficult period behind us and to be able to take our lives back. “

Chiara Ferragni at the ghd Unplugged launch event in Milan

How can enjoying a “good hair day” transform a person’s mood?

“I really think that when we feel good about ourselves we experience a different kind of energy. Hair is a very important part of feeling good about yourself. In general, when my hair is in order, whatever the style, I really feel like a different person, with more energy. “

When you have a “good hair day” everything is perfect, but which look do you opt for when you have a “bad hair day”?

“It depends on how bad that ‘bad hair day’ is! For example, when I’m on the beach I opt for a dishevelled chignon or a ponytail. When I’m not on the beach and I just need to freshen up my look, it depends on how my hair was before, I just use the styler to straighten it, but without it necessarily being super smooth.”

What would you never do to your hair?

“Maybe a dark colour. I always say that in life ‘you should never say never’, but the truth is that I love wearing blonde hair like I do now. And cut it short? Many times they have tried to persuade me to cut it a little to change my look, but in the end I never agreed to abandon my ‘signature look’. I tried a few times with the wig and I liked it a lot, but I fear that I would quickly get tired of the change .”

How do you develop your beauty tips with Manuele Mameli, both for hair and make-up?

“I have been working with Manuele since 2015, even though we had already collaborated before. We have the same tastes and many times we are inspired by what we see on Instagram: red carpet, make-up artist, hairstylist stc… I have a folder on my phone with everything that inspires me and he does the same, so we can share our ideas. Every time we have an event we brainstorm and decide how to style the hair and what kind of make-up to apply- then we create our little bit of magic.

How has your relationship with hairdressers been over the years? Do you remember any special moments with your hairdresser?

“I love hairdressers, especially when you find someone you can trust! There are several that I really love, especially in Milan and Los Angeles. I remember when I met my hairdresser in Los Angeles, Matt, who became one of my best friends. At first he contacted me on Instagram because he wanted to take care of my hair and he proposed lightening it even more. So he lightened it and it was like being reborn, since this new hair look also marked the moment when things started to go the way I wanted. I fondly remember that moment with Matt, it meant a lot to me because in addition to changing the look of my hair, I also began to feel a new version of myself “.

When you have to do your own hair, what is your favourite style?

“When I do it myself, I usually opt for straight hair, because it’s the easiest thing for me and I know it will last perfectly for a day or two… unless it’s with my kids and they start throwing things at me! When I’m with Manu, we like to try out different types of wavy hair; sometimes with lighter waves like those of my ‘signature style’ and other times more pronounced so that they last longer, and especially with ghd they last me for days.”


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