11 December 2023

In a State of Flux by Angelo Digioia

Angelo Digioia’s In a State of Flux hair collection confirms there are two sides to every argument. It’s about clear lines and daring colour. Dyeing black hair red or vice versa is the easy solution.

To create bi-coloured hair, i.e. half and half in two different colours, requires precise lines and perfect work. In a State of Flux is an art form in itself. How wearable the looks in this hair collection are is up to you to decide.

Many avant-garde hairstylists venture into the #bicolouredhair trend when putting together their hair collection. If the contrasts are not too strong, these looks are perfectly suitable for commercial purposes. Two Tone Hair was already a hit in the 90s and is a welcome change among many celebrities. The best example is the singer Dua Lipa.

In contrast, Angelo Digioia presents In a State of Flux with looks in powdery-cool blonde. The styling is 70s, with waves, blow-dried in, luscious curls are among the absolutely hip hair trends in 2021. The basis: an ultra-modern, soft mullet, with which styles can be variable, thanks to the long fringe.

The 70s style was influenced on the one hand by the hippy movement. The motto: long hair, worn openly for him and her alike. Flowers in your hair gave the trend a name: flower power!

The more sedate circles of the 70s, on the other hand, opted for opulent hairdos. That means, nothing would work without a hairdryer and a round brush. The flick waves and the emphasised outwardly curled fringes are becoming popular again today.


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