22 July 2024

Blonding Hair Techniques: Six Do’s and Don’ts

Here are Carol’s top tips:

1 Do have an in-depth consultation with your clients prior to bleaching where you can find out the history of their hair. Also find out what blonde they are actually looking to go for and manage their expectations. Using images with different Blonding Hair Techniques and shades of blonde is great because your interpretation of golden blonde can be totally different to theirs!

2 Don’t over promise. With any service if you can go through the different scenarios then this will set you in a good situation with your clients and their expectations.

3 Do get the client in prior for skin testing and strand testing and any deep conditioning treatments or stand-alone Blonding Hair Techniques to prepare the hair before the bleaching service.

4 Don’t put a time limit on the service; it may take more than one attempt to get them to their perfect blonde. Explain they are embarking on a colour journey.

5 Do sit down and work out the price with your client, breaking down each service of bleaching, toning etc. They then understand what they are paying for and there is no confusion. Discuss with them how to maintain and use the correct professional homecare regime at home. The Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Reviving Leave-in Treatment leaves hair up to three times stronger* and hair feeling soft and moisturised.

6 Don’t do anything that you feel will damage the client’s hair; they would rather you be truthful than damage their locks. 

***combing test on bleached hair. Shampoo, conditioner & leave -in vs. classic shampoo 

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