21 July 2024

Special Occasion Hair: How to Elevate a Bob

A blunt bob doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to special occasion styling. Discover how to elevate a bob in 8 easy steps and obtain a new style which is feminine and fresh at the same time.

When a client with a perfectly blunt bob comes in for a special occasion hair style, you might think styling options are limited, but there are some really cool things you can do with that length hair,” explains Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member and Owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design Studio @anna_hair_retreat, who elevated a bob recently to include faux curtain fringe with tons of texture, layers and a crowning detail.

Step 1. Start with clean dry hair in natural texture.

Step 2. 1-2” back from front hair line create a 1” wide horizontal section. The horizontal section should sit on the top of the head and about 3” long, do not go past the round of the head.

Step 3. Create an attached Dutch braid (corn row) with horizontal section of hair to ends, folding ends up next to attached part of braid, pin into place flat to the head.

Step 4. Place a large U-shaped pin under one of the folds in braid near center part, open feet part of pin towards the face.

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Step 5. Gather a 1” section of hair from behind the braid, and with a second large U pin, weave hair section through opening of first pin (like threading a needle).  Pull feet of first pin down towards face until hair slips through braid.

Step 6. Continue weaving hair across the braid, arranging as desired – hair should be directed towards center and covering braid fully.

Step 7. Pinch and pull woven strands to create layers and movement where desired to visually create a curtain fringe, remember shorter in the middle to longer on the sides.

Step 8. Using a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleeker Professional Straightening Iron, gently compress woven strands on top of braid to define more, and waves and movement throughout the rest of hair to compliment natural texture. Spray to hold and define texture with Redken Wax Blast 10.

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“This new style is feminine and fresh, you’re capable of doing so many amazing things with a bob shape!” adds Peters.  “And, the braid serves as the perfect anchor for flowers and accessories.” 


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