23 May 2024

PROJECT: Men Look & Learn Session with Matt Gavin

After a year of online mentoring, the PROJECT: Men Look & Learn was an exciting face to face session. The team experienced live, face-to-face education with London barber, Matt Gavin.

Matt, who is senior stylist at Manifesto, held a practical creative session for the team. Called PROJECT: Men Look & Learn, he delved into creative ways to think about men’s hair.

“I wanted to open their minds to a different way of thinking towards their approach to a haircut; not just doing it as a haircut, but to manipulate it and change it into something more editorial,” he explained.

Team member Tammy Reynolds, said: “It’s always great to hear someone’s take on education and creativity. Even though we all do hair we are so unique in the way we approach the creative process especially in how we research and the outside things we look at for inspiration.”

Jacob Banfield added: “It was really interesting learning a bit more about the creative side of things, especially with someone like me who is going from a salon context to more about doing competitions, it was good to get that insight from Matt.”

George Smith added: “I enjoyed how Matt managed to find shapes within a haircut and create artwork with those shapes. It was not something I’ve thought about before, something I’ll definitely take back and give a go myself.”

Paulina Stochmialek, said about the day “Matt said his work is like ‘marmite’ and some people love it and some people hate it, but that’s what’s amazing about what we do because it evokes an emotion and whether it’s a good or bad emotion, at least it evokes one.”

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