19 May 2024

5 Hot Tips for Running a Blow Dry Bar

You know that: blow drying hair is hard… holding a heavy dryer while maneuvering a brush, especially in the back of the head, is really hard for people to do on themselves. Here’s why lots of people need a blow dry bar in their lives…

…and that’s why blow dry bars are so hot right now – they offer an affordable treat that doesn’t take a lot of time or money… very appealing after being secluded for the past year.

Wash and Blow Hair Salon is the first official blow dry bar to open on Maui. They believe in a swingy blowout and focus on these 5 tips for running a blow dry bar.

A professional blow dry should look better and last longer than a DIY version. Aside from the stylist’s expertise, the tools and products used should make hair look healthier and shinier,” explains Adie Amad, owner of Wash and Blow Hair Salon.

1. Price & Time

Encourage more of a regular beauty routine by keeping the price down, around $35. Keep it tight, 30 minutes per guest, more if hair is coarse or extremely long.

2. Organization

Scheduling (preferably online), check-in and the layout of the styling stations must be designed to maximize time and guest frequency.

3. Blow Dryers

High-quality blow dryers save time and energy, they heat up quickly and deliver powerful concentrated air that dries hair faster, yet AC motors make them heavy. The Freestylist suspends dryers from above rendering them weightless, so blow drying all day is more convenient and comfortable for stylists.

4. Technique

Dry hair 60% before starting to actually style hair, use a brush that has a thermal core and high tension to stretch hair and add body, and a heat protectant and styling mouse (for volume and hold) – Kérastase is lux all the way and a favorite!

5. Blow Dry Step by Step

▶ Towel dry excess moisture.
▶ Apply products.
▶ Comb thru and pre-section hair for either a diagonal or horizontal blow dry.
▶ Pull down Freestylist (it automatically turns on), release hair clip and dry section without having to switch dryer on/off and put dryer up/down.
▶ For the crown, turn the dryer nozzle horizontally for an easier and more comfortable way to create volume.

After using the Freestylist, picking up a traditional blow dryer feels like a dumbbell now!” adds Amad.

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