30 May 2023

Takara Belmont celebrates 100 years of excellence

Back in 1921, the Takara Belmont was established as a foundry. The company grew and diversified, and even today continues to embody excellence in design and extraordinary quality for salon owners worldwide. Now Takara Belmont celebrates 100 years of excellence with two outstanding new products: N-100 series chairs mi-ne and musubi.


­Takara celebrates its centenary anniversary with the mi-ne chair, featuring a classic, elegant design to blend harmoniously into any salon space. This chair fully embodies Takara Belmont expertise. The smooth, supple feel and the gathered design lends a luxurious look to this chair, beckoning to the client even before he or she takes a seat. The back and armrests are designed to snugly embrace the client, enhancing seating comfort. Moreover, styling is easier and more ergonomic for the hairdresser. The cushion made of specially selected moulded urethane is soft and bouncy yet supportive seating comfort.


Takara Belmont celebrates 100 years of progress in design as well, with the musubi chair. The sleek shape of the back and seat of musubi and the warm texture of the natural wood armrests impart a lighthearted, contemporary atmosphere. But the extraordinary comfort experienced as the client sinks into the snug fit of this chair is reassuring to the point of enhancing the salon pro-client rapport. Definitely an added-value for the client that guarantees a personalised salon experience.

Takara Belmont has long set the benchmark in luxury salon furnishing worldwide. Their designs are capable of enhancing any salon design and focusing on the comfort of clients and salon professionals alike. Last year the company presented its Yume Series Wash Unit to deliver the Yume Spa shampoo treatment and the Spa Mist II processor. These one-of-a-kind innovations transforms your salon into a haven of tranquillity and serenity.

Another priority of the Takara Belmont mission is also to sustain the sense of community and belonging cultivated by hairdressers in salons worldwide. A neighbourhood “hair salon” has the power to touch people’s hearts through their hair, to nurture positivity and to restore the spirit. For this reason, Takara Belmont also co-sponsored the online video contest “BOVA 2021“, organised by Monthly Magazine “Brain” (Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.). The contest solicits videos that “depict life-changing moments at hair salons.”

In order to convey the appeal and energy of hairdressing and beauty salon industries through videos, young creators who will lead the next generation created videos full of ideas and ingenuity. So Takara Belmont celebrates 100 years of excellence not on in design, but also of the spirit of the industry the company so nobly represents.

So as Takara Belmont celebrates 100 years of excellence during these turbulent times, various challenges and many difficulties have been met and overcome. Takara Belmont continues in its determination to create more products of value and remain a brand sought out by beauty and health professionals worldwide. And the world of hairdressing raises a glass to toast another 100 years of excellence.

For more information visit Takara Belmont web site or follow Takara’s Facebook and Instagram official profiles.


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