15 June 2024

Furnishing a hairdressing salon: 6 IG accounts to keep an eye on

These 6 IG accounts are all made in Italy and are all interesting: we suggest you keep an eye on them to glean some targeted inspiration when you’re considering furnishing a hairdressing salon.

Furnishing a hairdressing salon is a question of personal taste above all, but also of coherence with a professional image. Finding inspiration is not easy, so its always useful to take a glance at sources not necessarily inherent to the salon sector to find the right idea. After having already suggested 10 IG accounts to follow, here are another 6 IG accounts that we recommend for specific settings and also offer a sense of excellence in Italian design.

For the overall mood

The first step to take before furnishing a hairdressing salon is to understand the mood to be set. Here are two IG accounts that might be useful.

The first is a collettive of artists and designer called Il Magma and presents itself through a series of digital images that recreate incredibly suggestive settings and moods.

The second is a studio called Locatelli Pepato, the brainchild of two young architects from Padua, who work with great attention to natural materials and minimalist moods, two factors that adapt perfectly to salon spaces.

Adding a splash of color

Color is a fundamental elements, and even more so when we think of furnishing a hairdressing salon, because it is a setting that must be both welcoming and professional. The Sceg studio, situated in Turin, has a particular awareness when it comes to using unusual colors in unique combinations.

For light design

Illumination is another fundamental point to take into consideration when furnishing a hairdressing salon. Choosing the most adequate source of lighting for the technical area or relaxation zone requires the support of an expert. 01 Concept Store is the multibrand showcase IG account of Elettrogruppo Zerouno, capable of providing solutions that range from a minimal light point to an entire lighting system.

For the interior design

Furnishing a hairdressing salon also means finding objects that can lends the setting a particular note of color, shape, or material. We suggest two sophisticated IG accounts that share an artistic vision of the furnishing accessories.

Studio Terre in Milan combines Mediterranean tradition, design and art in destructured objects that are brimming with meaning. For example, the latest Terre collection in glass can become a perfect match for waiting room tables or retail showcases.

Matteo Tampone is an architect-designer with both artistic and technological flair. His accessories are born of a mixture of chemistry and metals, resulting in unique objects with strong personalities. A reception counter or a light in flowered metal are definitely eye-catching.


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