30 May 2023

Coachella Collection by Tête d’Affiche

Tête d’Affiche consists of a team of 18 people based in Fréjus. Also 70 trainers divided into 7 units of excellence and they invite you to travel on a journey through this Coachella Collection.

Coachella Collection

Drop your bags in Los Angeles at the heart of one of the world’s biggest festivals! The Coachella Collection is named after the festival which is a musical, social and media event – at the same time. It became famous for the variety of outfits the participants wore very colourful, as well as Native American inspired hairstyles.

Artistic Direction : Morgan Andrusso; Hair and Colour : Team Tête d’Affiche Academy; Styling : Crystel Pilone; Make-up : Ambre Thomas; Photos and Retouching : Pascal Latil; Production PR : ELP Hair Production


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