27 March 2023

5 questions that you’ve always wanted to ask about babylights

A hair trend that never goes out of fashion, babylights continue to be requested in salons, but are often confused with other techniques. We talked about it with an expert.

With hot weather on its way, it’s more likely that we are looking for shiny and sun-kissed styles. A touch of light that in the salon can be created easily with babylights, a hair trend that for years has remained firmly in the top ten of the most requested services.

But when we say babylights what exactly do we mean? Highlights and babylights – are they the same thing? The 5 questions about babylights that have always wanted to ask were proposed to Lino Marino, a Wella partner stylist and manager of the Neapolitan salon MH Haircreative and also Manager of the MH Academy and winner of Trend Vision 2017.

1. What are babylights?

They are a type of lightening with a very natural final effect, with the objective of reproducing the same sun-kissed effect that children get after a summer on the beach. Although they can be dated to a few years ago, once they migrated from the United States to other destinations, they quickly became a very popular service. The USA stylists are truly the best when it comes to blonde hair, so I always look to them for inspiration.

2. Who do they look good on?

Like any coloring technique, babylights can be applied to any skin tone, as long as the type of color is taken into account. The colorist must have a profound understanding of colorimetry to aim at obtaining the best result possible on every individual.

3. Can they be done on dark hair? And on short hair?

They can be done on both dark and light hair. On dark hair we will achieve more contrasts, while while on light hair the blonde effect will be more balanced. I recommend they be done on long or mid-length hair

4. How do they differ from highlights?

Highlights give a greater contrast and fuller color, while babylights give a more natural effect. In fact, unlike highlights, they are done by lifting thinner and smaller strands so that the contrasting color is more subtle. They are closed in foils or left in the open air, for an even more natural effect. Any kind of lightener can be used  (lightener or bleach) – for example, I often use a lightener.

5. What is a typical babylights look?

Certainly Chiara Ferragni! But in the world of celebrities there are many others, like Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie – just to name the most famous ones.


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