29 September 2022

SpectraLights: The First LED Lights Designed for Salons

“When shopping for salon lighting, it is essential to understand the science behind lighting and its terminology to ensure your salon gets the maximum benefit from the state-of-the-art advances,” explains Blair Hopper, CEO of Freestyle Systems, who breaks down the essentials on Lumens, Watts, Lux, and Kelvins.

Lumens: The amount of light being emitted from a light source.
Watts: The amount of electricity being used – the higher the lumens per watt, the more energy efficient the light is.
Lux: The amount of light hitting an object – Lux between 800 to 1500 is ideal for salons.
Kelvins: The color temperature of the light – 3500K is ideal for salons.

Big box stores may claim their lights are like ‘natural daylight,’ but mid-day sun is at 5000-5600 K, which causes hair color and skin tones to appear washed-out.

The best lights for professional salon services are those at 3500 Kelvin, with lux reaching the client’s hair in the 800-1500 range. Most lighting stores are less likely to have a good selection of 3500 Kelvin lights, because they are not catering to salons and their specific lighting needs. Salon owners are learning that it is important to search out lights of the right Kelvin for salons. Hopper developed SpectraLights which were the first lights designed specifically for salons, so they have the right Kelvin and are full spectrum.

SpectraLights LP12 Platform Features
– Two square panels (8 sq. ft.) evenly emit 10,000 lumens of light.
– The use of light panels means that blinding point light sources are eliminated.
– Shadows are gone.
– The 3500 Kelvin color temperature offers the perfect light for seeing true hair color, warm skin tone and flattering makeup.
– The LP12 light platform can be ordered stand-alone, or with a Freestylist Support System.
– The light platform’s finish can be customized to complement salon décor.

Hudson Styles, owner of Hudson Salon @hudsonsalon, an upscale salon in north Charlotte (with additional locations in Huntersville and Mooresville NC) is “making Charlotte beautiful – one woman at a time!” He was voted “Best of the Best” Hairstylist by Charlotte Magazine (2010), and he uses SpectraLights.

“Freestyle Systems’ tools make working in the salon so much more pleasant and efficient. I have LP12 SpectraLights platforms with Freestylists and using a “weightless” hairdryer completely removes the strain on your neck and shoulders when blow drying. The light platforms are so beautiful and provide the perfect light to see your work and analyze color,” says Styles. “I just opened my third salon, and I couldn’t imagine not having these tools!”

For more information: freestylesystems.com


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