25 April 2024

Sassoon UK Operations Rescued By US-Based Investment Group

In order to provide clarification and a full update following confusing and misleading reports in the press, Debbie Webster, CEO of the global Sassoon education and salon businesses, has issued the statement below.

Statement from Debbie Webster: 

“Contrary to various social media and news reports, the United Kingdom based operations of the Vidal Sassoon London Academy and our 7 UK based Vidal Sassoon salons will continue to remain fully open for business.  Sassoon’s UK based operations were rescued by a private investor group after the appointment of an administrator and subsequent transaction on Thursday, 6 May 2021.   This process has enabled our entire UK operations and locations to remain fully intact and has saved the jobs of every one of our 176 UK based employees. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic was difficult for the entire haircare and beauty industry, and Sassoon suffered enormously as a result of the multiple government mandated lockdowns in the United Kingdom.   Since the beginning of the lockdowns, Sassoon’s sole focus was to find a way to retain all of our team, and to reopen each and every one of our locations.  The recent transaction has enabled us to achieve that goal. 

“Vidal Sassoon’s original vision 66 years ago was to raise the standards of our craft by making his world class beauty curriculum and luxury salon services accessible to everyone. We remain inspired by his example and are proud to be carrying forward his important legacy.  During the pandemic our educators were able to finally build and launch a comprehensive online education platform called SASSOONONLINE, which has extended our ability to teach the Sassoon curriculum to any location in the world through live broadcasts and innovative online teaching tools.   

“We are grateful for the many positive messages we have received from all over world voicing concern about the future of Sassoon.  With the recent transaction completed and the support of new investment, we are firmly committed to ensuring that our team’s creative work continues for years to come.”



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