22 May 2024

4 steps to regain a competitive edge in your salon

It’s a competitive world, so Eufora Business Trainer, Janine Argila owner of Prism Wellness Salon & Spa, shares 4 steps she lives by to set her salon apart and “get the edge”.

With so many salons popping up and after a disastrous year of lockdowns and re-openings, now is the time for stylists and salon owners to take action to set themselves apart from their competition. Luckily, Eufora Business Trainer, Janine Argila, steps in to share the 4 Steps that helped shaped her success as a stylist and salon owner, reminding all beauty professionals how important it is today to evolve your own customized brand. These 4 Steps have proven to be essential to offering your clients an experience unique to your specific salon culture and regain a competitive edge in your salon.

1. Create an experience

It is not just about who can do the best haircut or baby lights. What systems can you create in your salon to regain a competitive edge? The experience should be about reducing the effort for the guest. When they are in your chair they shouldn’t have to think; they should just be able to enjoy being pampered. Set expectations for the service experience, from the moment the guest walks through the door, to their departure, and – most importantly – preparation for their next visit.

2. Stay in contact

What happens when your guest leaves the salon? Do you go silent for the next 4-8 weeks? Don’t! Take time to check in. Send a handwritten thank you note, or a text to ask how they are liking their hair. How was their special event? How is their new shampoo and conditioner working? These little things will go a long way in creating a deeper connection, and a more loyal guest – one who feels appreciated and well cared for. Click here to read more about the importance of “human connection”.

3. Elevate your shampoo ritual

Research proves that the shampoo is often the most memorable part of the salon experience; make sure to leave your mark. Is your current experience an express service with someone who hasn’t been fully trained? Are you doing anything besides just shampooing? If not, it’s time to create a shampoo ritual with scalp massage, aromatherapy experience, peaceful music and a hot towel wrap. Make the shampoo space one where “Get the Edge_2021” guests can unwind and relax. Treat them to a shampoo ritual they will not only remember, but talk about – and recommend to their friends and family!

4. Give back

When you give in abundance you receive abundance. Give back to your community, and get creative in doing so. Donations do not always have to come at a huge financial expense. Community fundraisers allow you to build relationships with guests, and create new networking opportunities for yourself and your salon. Dive in! Volunteer at a local charity, or host your own event.

Argila closes with a reminder of the salon pro’s mission: “Our responsibility as hairdressers is to create beauty…make it a whole package where guests know the experience will leave them feeling good inside and out. Guests sit in our chairs to escape their day-to-day stresses, so find fun and engaging ways to lighten the mood. Remember everything in life does not have to be serious. Once you identify your own experience style, systemize it, communicate it, commit to that shampoo ritual and always support your community – giving back and growing with it!”, says Argila.

These are just four easy “baby” steps to get you started, but Argila also reminds us that “The Eufora 8 Steps to Financial Success” is a great example of a system that will put you on the path to getting the competitive edge.

Salon owners who are eager to get started with this, and other Eufora business programs, should enroll in Eufora University online where many tutorials are provided free of charge.

For more from the Eufora Education Team, follow @euforanation  or visit www.eufora.pro/pages/eufora-education.


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