2 March 2024

Clip-In Extensions for switching up looks

It’s no secret that extensions are a natural-looking solution for lengthening hair or adding color or volume or all three… and clip-ins make it easier than ever.

Kauilani Goodwyn, Sam Villa Ambassador, knows perfectly well how temporary hair pieces are the perfect solution for special occasions or for trying out new looks before taking a big leap. They can help resolve a wide variety of issues, like adding volume, texture and movement, adding length and shape, adding pops of color and highlights, and even extra density for the ever-popular braids, twists and knots for Boho and avant-garde styling or formal dos.

And what better way to demonstrate your skills than asking your mom to stand in as the perfect candidate for clip-in extensions?  “I love using clip-ins to style shift and help guests discover different ways they can wear their hair without the commitment, explains Kauilani.

She also recommends human hair extensions for the most natural-looking clip-ins, as they
blend well, and NEVER take them straight out of the packaging and apply. Goodwyn recommends the following steps for beautiful results.

1.    As always, start with an in-depth consultation to discuss the guest’s hair texture, challenges, desired look and maintenance.

2.    Prepare the Clip-Ins: Color, cleanse and condition the extensions beforehand, then dry with a Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush, which is an efficient way to dry and smooth extensions. Finish the prep phase by trimming and setting the extensions prior to installing them.

3.    Prep your guest’s hair! For example, texture manipulation service was done for Goodwyn’s mother, including cleansing with Mizani Moisture Rich Shampoo, conditioning with Mizani Intense Moisturizing Mask, and then finishing up by spraying Mizani Heat Screen and layering Mizani 25 Miracle Milk for added conditioning and heat protection. Apply all with a detangling brush to distribute product and detangle hair.
•    Section and Bantu knot hair for control and to maintain moisture.
•    Dry hair completely with minimal tension using a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer and Signature Series Paddle Brush.
•    Alternate using 3/10” and 1/2” irons to create 3D coil set on entire head.
•    Section and clip hair to start application of clip-ins. Gently backcomb hair at root to create support to clip to.

4.    Insert Clip-Ins: Open extension clips, insert at base where desired and snap close over backcombed hair. Take next parting and repeat until all pieces have been installed (backcombing and inserting clip-ins).

5.    Finish: Separate and define curls using Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil.

6.    Shape: Cut extensions to blend and achieve the desired shape.


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