27 March 2023

A Celebration of Hairdressing: Patricia Nikole aka @paintedhair talks We Create

Wella Company will be hosting the We Create virtual event on Sunday, April 25, 2021 – a celebration of the hairdressing craft marked by 4 hours of non-stop shows, seminars, and intimate conversations with over 20 industry leaders. It is absolutely free to everyone: all you need to do is register in advance! Estetica talked to Patricia Nikole aka @paintedhair, Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador, about the forthcoming We Create event!

What’s so special about the We Create event that nobody should miss it?
We Create is a unique event that Wella Professionals is hosting digitally! It’s the first of its kind! Every stylist who registers has a chance to learn from some of the industry’s most talented artists from all around the world! This is a place to come and be inspired! It is such a tremendous opportunity to learn these techniques and elevate your craft and business! The best part – it’s free to attend! All stylists are welcome and encouraged to register at www.wellawecreate.com”

What peopel can expect from you at WeCreate and what section are you going to appear in?
“My We Create segment features 2 models with 2 different looks! My episode will broadcast during the We Create event on the We Transform channel; there are many great transformations in store during those segments! Be sure to tune in to see all of the different looks! For my transformations, I was able to create a colorful spring look on a blonde model! I was also able to show how to simultaneously hairpaint and cover grays at the same time! Hint: Both looks are different; one model has modern hair painting with natural tones, and the other, a very fun colorful transformation”.

You are going to celebrate your 1st anniversary as Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador soon. Tell us about this past year’s journey with Wella.
“Wella Professionals has really empowered me in so many ways! I have had the privilege of working together on marketing campaigns, product co-creation, and consulting just to name a few! There are so many exciting things on the way! Also, I’m honored and proud to have represented Wella Professionals at The BTC Show during their first ever, online hair show! Using Wella everyday in the salon really enables me to create without limits as a hairdresser! Whether I’m formulating from Koleston Perfect’s versatile palette, to choosing Blondor for its incredible lightening system, I am able to approach my work with confidence and inspiration! My clients leave feeling beautiful and empowered from the results I am able to achieve using the full Wella portfolio!

What is your favorite thing about working with Wella?
“My favorite thing when it comes to working with Wella is that I am part of a family that really believes in listening to stylists and truly is on a mission to bring positive change to the industry through inclusion, innovation, and education! I am so proud to work with a brand that shares my own personal values! Also, Wella has the most amazing stylist community ever through all of their talented artists, educators, and Passionistas! #WellaFamily”.

What’s the best part of your job as a hairstylist?
“I love mentoring and educating all of my students! It means the world to me when they take concepts from my education and are able to apply it in their own life! Seeing them grow as artists and transform their mindsets and approach to the craft and business of being a hairstylist are the highlights of my career; I truly feel it is my purpose! At the end of the day, our jobs as hairstylists are built on making others feel beautiful! To me, this career has so many opportunities and is full of purpose and fulfillment!”

What have you done to stay on top?
“I think these four things have helped me stay happy and successful as a stylist: Hard work, Consistency, Balance, and setting your Intention!”

What’s your best social media recommendations?
“I make sure to have a regular schedule when posting and using social media! I dedicate a specific time of day to working online! I make sure to stay off of my phone and spend time with my family when my work is complete for the day! For me, family time is my number one priority and also my number one motivation for working hard!”

What excites you the most right now about the industry?
“One of the most exciting things about the industry right now is how passionate and inspirational our hairdressing community is! There are so many talented artists that make it a priority to elevate their craft and elevate their client’s experience behind the chair! Also, I love how connected we all are as an industry because of social media! There has never been a more exciting time to be a hairdresser!”

The We Create event  will be accessible to all industry professionals worldwide and will allow each of them to select the content they want to see. It will have two simultaneous live streaming channels and they will be available for viewing for one month after the live event has ended.

Registration to access We Create is completely free. Simply register at: wellawecreate.com

Connect to social networks: #WeCreateLive


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