30 May 2023

The Power of Transformation: Alexis Ferrer Talks WeCreate

Estetica interviews Alexis Ferrer, Wella Global Creative Artist and creative director of Anna Ferrer Slow Hair, about his upcoming participation in the free virtual event We Create that Wella is offering this Sunday, April 25.

After many years in the world of hairdressing, Alexis Ferrer is currently in one of the best moments of his professional career, after being crowned ‘Spanish Hairdresser of the Year’ in the Figaro Awards as well as being a finalist in e prestigious international competitions such as the AIPP Awards or the British Hairdressing Awards, thanks to his fantastic collection ‘La Favorite’.

The virtual event We Create, which will take place around the world on Sunday, April 25, 2021, will be a celebration of the profession of hairdressing through a programme of shows, seminars and intimate conversations. Best of all, it will be totally free for everyone. All you have to do is register in advance. The event will be attended by well-known names from the world industry, such as Alexis Ferrer, Robert Eaton, Sonya Dove, Darren Ambrose, Zoe Irwin, Akin Konizi, Patrick Cameron, Rossano Ferretti, Mark Hayes, Romeu Felipe, Patricia Nikole, Renya Xydis and many more.

Alexis, why do you advise everyone to attend We Create?

“We have been seeing for a while now that online training can offer us extraordinary things, especially because it connects us all. Hairdressing is one of the few industries,  if not the only one, which has had the ability to train on Sundays and outside working hours. Now, in the digital age, more than ever we have to be united and share our knowledge. That is why Wella is taking this step in inviting everyone to share the knowledge and new technological advances that the brand has been developing.”

We Create will have two channels: We Inspire and WeTransform. We’ll be seeing you in the latter.

“That’s right. People expect hairdressers to have the ability to transform their clients through cut and colour. I do it through colour and in We Transform I will explain an unusual technique by which the client can customise the colour at home using Wella Professionals Color Fresh Mask. Younger generations do not come to the hairdresser looking for a colour that lasts for  one or two months, but to discover a unique colour which they can immortalize through a photo on Instagram. For this reason, we have to be prepared to know how to create effects that recreate the effect of the filters on Instagram. They are effects that may have a short lifespan,  but we know that the consumer will eternalise it through social media. The secrets behind colour service that I offer are shared with the client: I create it but then I give the client the tools, like Color Fresh Mask, so that at home they can also personalize the colour in a fun way. “

A very interesting concept,  which is without a doubt reflecting the sign of the times. 

“Those of us who were the children of hairdressers perceive the craft very differently from when we started. Before, they looked for that 100% total coverage of grey hair, they looked for a lot of durability, etc. Now it’s very different. Many of my clients expect me to give them a colour more in keeping with virtual world than the real one. So they want us to understand their need and to offer them something that they would wear in their own virtual world.”

You are having an incredible year thanks to the impact of your latest collection, ‘La Favorite’. 

“‘La Favorite’ still surprises me today. Two days ago it was on the news in Japan, I was contacted yesterday by the Daily Mirror for publication, which means that it is still very much of interest to people. The success of ‘La is thanks to a surprising and curious technique that makes people stop to see the photo and wonder how it was created. When we started to think about making these prints on the hair, we developed it by imagining how we could make the thoughts of a person will be interpreted in the hair. How to make magic, thoughts, dreams … everything that we have in our mind use the hair to be interpreted. 

During WeCreate, the winners of the International TrendVision Award will also be announced.

“Yes. TrendVision has contributed a lot to my life, although I’ve never won it! But Wella were very interested in my work. That is my message for the participants of TrendVision: you don’t always win … but it doesn’t matter.  You are contributing something important to the hairdressing industry and that is precisely why you are in the contest, to experiment and contribute creative ideas. Later it may happen that you do very interesting things and that unfortunately do not fit at that moment for one reason or another, but TrendVision is more than a contest: it is sharing your talent with people from all over the world … and that is precisely what makes you grow. In the end, the prize is an extra: if it comes, great, but if it does not arrive and you have put all your talent, all your heart and have given 100% when creating a collection, you have to be very proud of your work and you can be satisfied. “

The We Create event will be accessible to all industry professionals worldwide and will allow each of them to select the content they want to see. It will have two simultaneous live streaming channels and they will be available for viewing for one month after the live event has ended.

Registration to access We Create is completely free. Simply register at: wellawecreate.com

Connect to social networks: #WeCreateLive


Image Credits:

Hair: Alexis Ferrer

Photos: Marta Bacardit

Make-up: Mary Torres

Assistant: Mireia Moreno @ Anna Ferrer Slow Hair

Styling: Txell Miras

Models: Francina Models



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