9 December 2022

Pro Industry Veteran Shauky Gulamani launches Technologically Advanced Makeup Brushes

LIFE DZD Cosmetics USA President and CEO Shauky Gulamani announced the launch of technologically advanced makeup brushes, designed to offer the performance of animal hair with environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant, 100% vegan and cruelty patented synthetic materials.

These makeup brushes were tested by 50 of top makeup artists and over 80 everyday consumers,” says Gulamani, “and the feedback has been overwhelming. We have not received a single negative comment. All they want to know is when they can get their hands on our entire collection with this superior technology.

Each LIFE makeup brush ergonomically designed handle is crafted from natural wood, the metal ferrule is hand forged and pressed then finished, and finally our patented tri-sphere fibertech process 3D crimping system enables each fiber to achieve 360-degree powder and pigment pickup and release rather than the two-sided pickup of conventional synthetic brushes.

The high level, “catch and release” performance, makeup goes on more quickly—without repeated dipping—and more smoothly thanks to the concentration of makeup on the brush. “Some makeup artists have told us this brush sweeps over the face and provides a flawless airbrush finish,” says Gulamani.

Additionally, LIFE synthetic, soft-touch makeup brush filaments offer the smooth feeling and performance of high-quality animal hair, without the environmental impact. Unlike animal hair, these filaments repel dirt and bacteria and shed minimally if at all. They are quick and easy to clean thanks to the fact that the product release is so complete, with little-to-no makeup remaining on the brush after application.

The makeup brushes are strong, long-lasting and will not aggravate anyone with animal hair allergies or sensitive skin making these brushes ideal for everyone.

For more information on LIFE DZD Cosmetics USA Makeup Brushes, visit www.lifecosmeticsusa.com and for Distribution or Retail Opportunities contact suport@lifecosmeticsusa.com


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