2 June 2023

The Fellowship: Top Tips for Business from Connect Series

The new Connect Series from the Fellowship for British Hairdressing brought experts in business and mental health together for three informative episodes.

The series kicked off with a session on Re-Start, Re- Energise and Re-Engage with guests Monica Teodoro from L’Oreal Professionnel, Marcus Allen and salon owner Karine Jackson.

The second episode concentrated on Re-Energising your Team which saw Vice-President Rob Eaton welcome guests Colin McAndrew from Medusa Hairdressing, international business consultant Marcus Allen and author of The Salon Jedi, Caroline Sanderson. Episode three as hosted by Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges and focused on Mental Health & Wellbeing with guests Tom Chapman from the Lions Barber Collective, Thrive Programme Consultant Anna Moseley and Errol Douglas MBE.

“This mini-series focuses on industry topics that are close to our business hearts,” explained Ken Picton. “We have experts from the industry, manufacturers and those outside the industry so we can garner knowledge, advice and guidance.” Rob Eaton added: “We need to think about what happens after we’ve had the big mad rush. We know the high street is changed forever and it’s about how we adapt and thrive.”

Top Ten Tips from Connect Experts

1 This is the first time many people have been touched for over a year and that intimacy is not to be under-estimated.

2 Listen to your client, don’t interrupt them, let the conversation flow and don’t tell them you know how they feel. Everyone feels things differently.

3 If you notice a difference in people’s behaviour and body language they could be going through a difficult time. Visit www.thelionsbarbercollective.com/barbertalk-lite/ for training on spotting signs of mental health.

4 Don’t get stressed about what you can’t control in the past or the future. Praise yourself and recognise what you are doing well.

5 Always start the day on a positive note. It will set your mood for the day. Make sure you get enough sleep – lack of sleep effects your behaviour and concentration.

6 your team are your business, they have great ideas and there is nothing more rewarding for everyone than using their ideas and input.

7 The pandemic has created massive opportunities for you and there’s no reason why you can’t be the beating heart of your high street. There is positive news in the negativity.

8 Remember that everything will come back eventually – holidays weddings, big events, office workers and that can only benefit us so be ready.

9 Social media has caused disruption in the way people view us, but use it to your advantage. It’s not about whether you are employed or self-employed, it’s about partnerships.

10 Clients are looking for more diversity, enriching experiences and a holistic approach to beauty. Look at what you offer and how you offer it.

Look out for the next Connect episode with Marcus Allen on 26 April.


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