5 March 2024

R+Co and your primary color care products

Working from home has been an incentive to try out all the new hair color trends. Now R+Co has developed the products you need to keep your latest look bright and fresh.

Since the pandemic hit, more and more people have been working from home, giving rise to a noticeable shift in hair color trends. Women still need to look their best for on-line meetings, but have become more daring in their willingness to try pastels and bolder hair colors and placements. During a time when our movements and lives have been so restricted, fortunately the latest hair color trends are offering us an outlet for breaking out of what is often a humdrum existence.

But all salon professionals know that great color services need ongoing maintenance at home to keep colors looking bright and fresh longer.

R+Co Collective Member and Color Expert Richy Kandasamy offered his view on the trending bolder colors and pastel hues we’ve been seeing the past few months and how to care for freshly-colored locks.

Have clients of yours been experimenting with color more since the pandemic (i.e. colors they wouldn’t necessarily have tried before, clients requesting color that have never dyed their hair before, etc.)?

“A lot of my clients have been experimenting a lot with color since the pandemic. I have been doing a lot of pastel colors and even bolder placement of color. Since clients are not going to the office, they have less fear. I’ve also seen a lot of new color-virgin clients. They have been exposed to so much color on social media, that now they feel like they need to join the color trends.”

What products would you recommend for color care?
“My new luxury color regime for my color clients consists of the R+Co BLEU Primary Color Shampoo and Conditioner twice a week, followed by the R+Co BLEU Primary Color Masque once a week.” When used together, hair is left vibrant, nourished and luxuriously smooth.

Indeed, R+Co BLEU Primary Color Shampoo & Conditioner locks in color, hydration, and shine, nourishing as it cleanses and seeing the cuticle and strengthening to help prevent breakage. Key ingredients include BLEU Molecule Complex, R+Co BLEU’s exclusive technology that delivers intense shine & repairing benefits, Hibiscus Flower Extract to improve shine and color vibrancy, Cactus Extract to lock in shine and hydration, and Clove Extract to help prevent color fading.

This same active ingredients can also be found in the R+Co BLEU Primary Color Masque, which boosts the hydration, shine, and repair care that color-treated hair craves.  

A regular regime of all three will keep your clients’ fabulous color looking great for weeks to come, until they can get back for their next appointment and – who knows! – maybe an exciting new color!


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