22 May 2024

6 steps to groom a full beard

A winning combination of longish hair and a full beard and mustache needed be scruffy. Keep it well groomed with a trim and some shaping for a look that totally on point.

Mabel Silva takes us step-by-step on how to groom an overgrown beard, trimming, whittling, and shaping for a modern romantic look that’s hard to resist! Match with tousled locks for sensuality or a slick coif for more formal occastions.

Step-by-Step by Mabel Silva
Step 1. Start by washing the beard with a suitable soap and hydrating with the appropriate product. Comb and prepare the beard and skin for grooming by putting a towel moistened with warm water and a few drops of rosemary. (Ideally, moisten the towel and microwave it for a few minutes) Start reducing excess from temple to chin, with large clippers.

Step 2. Define the neckline (generally, it is a smooth curve from jaw to jugular) and shave everything below that). Define the line under the cheekbones (this can be as free as you want, but it is advisable to draw a straight line from the temple, or half-ear, to the corner of the lips.) Between the cheekbone and this line there should be a finger or a finger and a half.

Step 3. With the small flat razor, clean as close as possible to facilitate shaving.

Step 4. Work the mustache line, taking care around the corner of the lip. All that remains underneath is the beard. The mustache boundary is drawn from the center, where it is shorter, to the sides, which are longer.

Step 5. Outline the outer part from the sideburn to the neck.

Step 6. Apply a colorless moisturizing product to highlight the outline drawn. User a razor to remove everything that is left over. On the neck, use a downward movement, pulling the skin taut so that there are no folds or wrinkles. On sensitive skin, use a single stroke, while on less delicate skin a second stroke against the grain can be used. The cheekbones are cleaned in the same way, the first pass always with the grain, and a second  against the grain.


Hairstylist: Mabel Silva @mabel_silva
Photo: Damián Razzini @damianrazziniphoto
Make-up: Rafa Gil @rafagmakeup
Model: Alain Pulcher @alainpulcher


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