2 March 2024

Get Ready to Blonde: New ChromaSilk HI LIFTS Designed to Counteract Brassiness in One Step

Introducing the all-new PRAVANA ChromaSilk HI LIFTS: a single-step blonding formula designed to counteract brassiness PLUS one versatile hue that works with hair’s natural undertones.

This formula is proven to lift up to four levels, neutralize and tone without the use of bleach.

The new launch comes just in time for the Spring and Summer months as clients are emerging from the winter and ready to go blonder. HI LIFTS are a great way to tackle those root regrowths!

Check out the teaser for ChromaSilk HI LIFTS here on PRAVANA.com!

For salon professionals, blonding is big business, but often requires multiple steps. Who doesn’t like a shortcut? PRAVANA empowers stylists to blonde easily, brilliantly, and confidently with all-new ChromaSilk HI LIFTS: five unique, heavily pigmented shades that lift up to four levels, neutralize and tone in just one step. Powered by Omega 9-rich fatty acids and apricot oil to maintain the integrity of the hair, ChromaSilk HI LIFTS inspires confidence in professional colorists to create beautiful results. No stress, no fuss, no need to fill in the blanks. 

What sets PRAVANA’s all-new ChromaSilk HI-LIFTS apart from the rest? Its heavily pigmented violet-based shades for one, plus the beautiful Champagne shade that works with the natural undertones of the hair.

PRAVANA ChromaSilk HI LIFTS feature four rich violet hues designed to counteract brassiness and one versatile Champagne hue that works with hair’s natural undertones. Formulation tip: add HI LIFTS in Champagne to ChromaSilk HI LIFTS formulas for soft, customized results.

▶ Easy-to-use, one-step blonding formula
▶ Bleach-free alternative for lightening
▶ Heavy dye load for toned, natural-looking results
▶ Delivers up to four levels of lift evenly and effectively
▶ Powered by Omega 9-rich fatty acids and apricot oil to maintain integrity of the hair
▶ Luxurious formula for smooth, soft, hydrated hair
▶ Stylists save up to 75% on cost per mixed ounce versus leading competitors

Check out below the ChromaSilk HI LIFTS Cheat Sheet to Success, breaking down the levels, underlying pigments and corrective tones of these gorgeous new shades!


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