5 March 2024

What’s up with Nick Stenson? LOTS!

Nick Stenson has his fingers in all sorts of pies! So Estetica asked him about all of them!

Nick Stenson is one of the beauty industry’s Renaissance man: a licensed hairstylist, esthetician, and make-up artist, and entrepreneur, as well as Ambassador and celebrity stylist for L’ORÉAL/ Matrix and Ulta Beauty’s Senior Vice President for Store & Service Operations. Is there anything he can’t do?! Estetica wanted to catch up on his latest achievements, trend predictions, and plans for the future.

E: Congrats on your NAHA Avant Garde finalist collection! Tell us about the inspiration and concept behind it.

N: “Thank you! I have always thought of the Avant Garde category as art, so I wanted my collection to resemble fine art. My intention was also to make the viewer stop and look twice to identify what is real and what is not. In the end, fine art makes you pause.”

E: Your career has taken you down many different paths: hairstylist, colorist, makeup artist, educator, manager, entrepreneur… Is one of these roles your favorite? How do you manage to balance all your different roles?

N: “I honestly can’t say one role is my favorite. What I love about my career is that no two days look the same. I am never bored or never at a loss for what I should be doing each day. That is what keeps my career so interesting. Some days balancing it all is tricky, but that is also the fun part. I am excited about the future.”

E: It looks like blond will once again be the hottest trend for the coming season… why? What is it about being blond?  Can any women truly be some shade of blond at least once in her life?

N: “Coming out of a global pandemic people are looking for things that bring energy and fun. Blond hair is fun and the energy it gives off is light. Everyone needs a little of this going forward. I do believe everyone can be a blond because there are so many different variations of what makes up a blond.”

E:  How about men? Are they or will they be using more color? Are there or will there be specific color products for them?

N: “The men’s category is really evolving. Men are adapting more to the idea of coloring their hair. There are many men’s color lines on the market, but any professional color can be used on Men.”

E: Texture is also making a big comeback. What’s new in products for curls and volume?

N: “Again this is a fast growing category in the hair space. I think the biggest focus for texture is hair health. Making sure your using professional products that protect the hair and allow you to wear it in its natural state. I am in love with the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator that can be used on all hair types but is especially great as a leave-in for textured hair.”

E: On the business end and with a view to the pandemic hopefully ending, what changes and innovations will Ulta be making in their salons?

N: “Safety will always be at the center of every decision we make. This won’t go away. Consumers and professionals will expect brands to keep them safe. We plan to hold firm on our safety standards to ensure everyone feels safe in our environment.”

E: What are the advantages and benefits for Ulta associates?

N: “This is a broad question but a few things that come to mind is the ability to work in a beauty playground that helps explore beauty with over 1200 salons, 30,000 products and over 500 different brands. We truly believe you don’t come to Ulta to find beauty, because you already are beautiful. We are a destination for all consumers and associates to explore beauty and discover what products and services are right for them.”


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