2 June 2023

Neon-effect hair? Why not!

Creativity, fundamental in a hairdresser’s job, can also be used to show off your best work on the largest virtual showcase available: the social network. Vladi is a Ukrainian video-maker with a great idea…

Are you looking for an effective way to build new business strategies? Fusion between different forms of artistic expression can work very well, becoming excellent factors for so-called social marketing. “In this era of social media, it becoming increasingly difficult to stand apart among throngs of incredibly talented professionals in many sectors. It is no longer just a question of bravura, but also of the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.” These are the reflections of Vladi, a Ukrainian video-maker and creator of the IG account Freshstyle4light, which uses a particular video technique to highlight the photographic contents of posts. The idea of neon-effect hair is simple but highly effective, and a good example of new business strategies that exploit the beauty of artistic fusion.

How did this idea come about?
I have been a video-maker for advertisements, music, and presentations for a while now. For seven years I have been also managing a tattoo parlour. I began by creating the account Tattoo4light created for that sector, then I also opened Freshstyle4light, which instead concerns the world of barbering and nail art. I perfected a unique animation technique, in which the neon beard, nails, or hair effect attracted lots of attention. Now I’ve got two more similar projects in the pipeline for different sectors.

How is your team organised? Barbers, Nail artists, …?
If you’re asking who I work with, my answer is that I work alone and do all the editing on my own. I started by targeting tattoo artists, and more recently I have included barbers and nail artists. I also have a few projects coming up for other artists.

How do you get the glittering effect on the video?
I draw it in the video editor, frame by frame. So it is definitely time-consuming.

How do your clients respond?
Like in all things, some are enthusiastic and other are not. Some understand the spirit behind it and other don’t. Some see the marketing potential and innovation and they use it everywhere on Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok.

Can this sort of marketing strategy help make hairstylists famous online?
Artists should remember that people go to them for real-life skills and quality. So that’s what really counts the most. If you provide amazing content and have a good marketing strategy, but your service is terrible, you have no chance of becoming famous.
But this can be a way to catch some attention. I don’t think people should be bored with a continuous stream of animation videos, but 3-5 per month are sufficient to help improve your account. You can’t just continue posting simple photos of hair cuts.  Try something new to bring in new clients and make your page stand out. And like I said, not all your posts have to be with unique animation. Maintain some balance.

Can this strategy increase sales in our opinion?
I don’t think there is a magic wand to achieve success. People want real high-quality service. If you post fantastic contents with an effective marketing strategy (like this neon effect hair), but then if the service you offer is not up to snuff, you certainly cannot be successful. However, I am convinced that perfecting an original and innovative communication strategy on social media contributes greatly to standing out without using bots, spamming, sponsorisation.


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