2 October 2023

Eat. Sleep. Fade. Repeat. Wahl Professional and Booksy form Partnership!

The clipper manufacturer and online scheduling service formed a partnership with the shared goal of inspiring and educating barbers and stylists.

Clipper manufacturer, Wahl Professional, and online scheduling service, Booksy, have partnered to support barbers and stylists from behind the chair and beyond. The partnership, named “Eat. Sleep. Fade. Repeat.” aims to enable hair professionals to maximize their success with both the services they provide and the business management behind them.

Wahl and Booksy will provide free, premium education, exclusive promotions, product giveaways and merchandise. The companies announced their partnership on February 10th on Wahl’s Instagram. To view the video announcement click here.

Wahl clippers make you money behind the chair, while Booksy helps you manage that money beyond the chair. Both of us want to provide barbers and stylists with these great tools to help them get the support they need to succeed,” says José Schnekenburger, Booksy’s Marketing Manager for Partnerships and Education.

As education is a driving force for both Wahl and Booksy, the companies are kicking off the partnership with Booksy’s iconic Doll Head tour. The tour gets its name from a Pivot Point mannequin head that travels from one Wahl educator to the next. The mannequin head starts off with long hair and each educator designs and executes a new cut using Wahl tools to help barbers and stylists learn how to cut different lengths of hair. This year’s tour started with Kevin Nguyen (@yakuzabarber) in San Diego, CA, followed by Jamie DiGrazia (@jamiedigrazia) in Chicago, IL, then goes to John Carlo (@johncarlo_newyork) in New York, NY and finishes with Miguel Rosas (@newstyle84) in Moline, IL.

These stops are featured on Instagram Live on Wahl’s account (@wahlpro) and Booksy’s account (@booksybiz) and are hosted by Byrd Mena (@byrdmena), Wahl’s Creative Consultant and Booksy ambassador. Viewers can tune in to learn techniques from the educators and possibly win a giveaway of a Wahl tool or a free year of Booksy.

The Wahl and Booksy partnership is not only about being behind the chair but beyond it. We produce clippers and trimmers for barbers and stylists, and Booksy is another tool that they can use to be more efficient. Ultimately, it’s about connecting more with the barbers and stylists and getting to understand their needs, wants and desires to get Wahl and Booksy at the forefront of their minds,” says Wahl’s Senior Marketing Associate, Aaron Flick.

To help hair professionals learn more than just cutting techniques, the two companies will be also providing premium business and social media education. Learning a specific cut is only one step toward success; learning how to manage appointments, money, and business are others. The two companies will use a mashup of Wahl educators and Booksy ambassadors to deliver education on a range of topics to the hair professional industry.

The scheduling service also has plans to release Booksy 3.0, which will target salon environments—something they haven’t done before. This new version of the app will be available mid-2021.

The two companies also share the goal of creating a deeper line of communication with stylists in the industry. “This is an opportunity for us to separate ourselves and be the first to do something like this. With this partnership, we want to be both in the “front and back of house” of barbershops and salons,” says Schnekenburger.

To learn more about the partnership and how to stay up to date on exclusive offers from the “Eat. Sleep. Fade. Repeat.” Team, click here.

Follow Booksy on Instagram (@booksybiz) and follow Wahl Professional on Instagram (@wahlpro) or visit their website at wahlpro.com to learn more.


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