30 November 2022

The most glamorous hairdos for this year’s spring brides

With a view to keeping both brides and their hairdressers in the know for upcoming weddings, we were happy to ask Laura Aaltonen, who works at Crystal Salon  in Turku, Finland, about the latest bridal trends. Although she does color, cuts, and styling, updos are her self-acclaimed field of expertise. This may be why she also holds training courses in this specialisation.

“I would say individuality. Today social media offers so much inspiration, it means there’s something unique for every bride. But if I had to choose one, I would say that brides don’t want to be too curly or too sleek, so something between would be best.” And when is comes to accessories she explains, “I think we will see more accessories on brides, especially dried flowers, colorful real flowers, and ribbons, or just the opposite, with no accessories at all.”

“The half updo is also good option, but it is also a hairstyle that needs lots more hair to look awesome, as well as some accessories. Or if the bride is used to keeping her hair down and an updo would feel too strange, then I would recommend a half updo.”

The must-have products for the perfect updo?

“Three products every hairstylist need for updos is: heat protection, texturising spray and medium hairspray. Heat protection obviously to protect the hair when using hot styling tools. Texturising spray is perfect on dry hair for adding friction and grip to help you to shape the hair. Last but not least: hairspray! You don’t need a strong hairspray because it will just leave hair more frizzy, so a medium hold product should suffice. And remember: don’t use too much hairspray, as it usually ruins the desired softness you want in an updo.”

Colored hair for 2021 brides?

“The best color for updos is usually highlighted or balayage blond, so you can see the texture and darker roots. This gives more dimension, but the shape is highlighted more with darker hair. So the rule of thumb when you discuss this with the bride is:
Blond = you see the texture more
Dark = you see the shape more
The hair colors trending in 2021: warm blond and dark chocolate!
“I wouldn’t recommend crazy colors, especially in bridal updos, unless it’s a perfect fit for your wedding theme, your wedding gown, and other details. But the most important thing is for you to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day!”


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