5 March 2024

The more the merrier: R+Co Collective welcomes 12 Stylists

R+Co reinforced its core Collective[1] by inviting 12 new stylists to join and launching R+Co BLEU – a couture-caliber sister collection from R+Co.

R+Co is led by a Collective of the world’s top editorial stylists and designed around the concept that hairdresser collaboration is critical to formulating the best products that the industry has to offer. So with a view to continuing development of the best products, R+Co has once again skimmed some of the best hairdressing talents available to join their collective.

Anthony Campbell, Aviva Perea, Bobby Eliot, Clariss Rubenstein, Clayton Hawkins, Ericka Verrett, Jenny Cho, Kylee Heath, Lona Vigi, Mimi Cuttrell, Priscilla Valles and Sami Knight have proudly joined the R+Co intent on working as team with the brand to create scintillating content, develop effective products, and engage more members of their growing communities.

With decades of combined hairdressing experience and expertise, each new member is lined up to contribute their individual talent and perspective to the current Collective as well as a keen editorial eye, certain to leave their mark on the brand’s latest collection and first fully-sustainable luxury hair care line – R+Co BLEU.

“The new collective members each bring a unique perspective to the brand. It is that diversity in perspective that has always been a hallmark of R+Co – where a collaborative approach to developing products, education and content is part of the brand’s DNA. Rather than focusing on a singular perspective, the Collective can debate and build upon each other’s experiences. That’s the beautiful thing about a team – you can add people and bring new ideas, try different things and really have fun creating something that’s never been done before,” says Daniel Langer, R+Co President.

A-Frame, a boutique management agency, representing top hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, groomers and manicurists, represents these stylists, who are called on to work regularly on photo shoots, red carpet events, fashion shows and even films. Many of their creations have been immortalized by some of the world’s best-known photographers, powerhouse brands and celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Liam Hemsworth, Dua Lipa, Mindy Kaling, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Garner, Emma Roberts and Miranda Kerr.

“Partnering with R+Co has been an absolute dream. They are beyond just a hair care brand. What sets R+Co apart is the diverse collective of hair geniuses behind the scenes that inspire and bring each product to life. The products are not only incredibly effective, but the brand aims to inspire and educate stylists and consumers. As a stylist, there is nothing more exciting than to discover and play with the newest R+Co product. This partnership was sparked by true joy, and I cannot wait to see what is to come,” says Jenny Cho, Hair Stylist and R+Co Collective Member.

“I have had a crush on R+Co since I laid eyes on it. The line is curated so well – from the scent, names, look and performance. It’s an honor to be working with them and I’m thrilled about the BLEU line! It’s so luxurious and indulgent in the best, most eco-conscious way,” says Kylee Heath, Hair Stylist and R+Co Collective Member.

Congratulations to the Collective and its new members, as the world of hairdressing awaits to welcome the achievements of this star-studded roster of talent in the near future.

Image credits:
Photo: Sarah Krick
Style: Erin Walsh
MU: Melissa Hernandez

[1] Through a non-exclusive partnership with the A-Frame artists


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