2 June 2023


The new and improved ghd heat protection styling range is here to help you and your clients #stylelikeapro in 2021. With enticing new names and science-backed claims, the range is perfect for retail, as well as getting creative in the salon.

ghd’s Head of Education UK & ROI, Janine Jennings, answers questions on how you can use the new range to boost salon retail.

How do you talk about products to encourage retail?

As hairdressers, it’s sometimes challenging to talk about an electrical that maybe has a high price, then go on to recommend products to go along with it too – but at ghd we have always recommended you include heat protection when you talk about any product that applies heat to the hair.

I used to have clients come in and spend £300-£400 on colour, treatments and a blow-dry, as well as the shampoo and conditioner to take home. At that stage you might think they won’t want to add something else – but then they’d ask me which ghd tools I’d used on their hair. For hairdressers, retail isn’t about the hard sell, it’s about recommending the relevant products in your consultation. If someone has spent a lot of money on their colour and you explain to them how the products you’re using will help that last, you’re providing them with the information to make an informed choice. 

Getting product in people’s hands is important too. Talk about the products you’re using, then put them in front of the client at the station so they can look at it themselves and ask questions. If you’re busy and rushing through the end of the appointment to get to your next client, why not show your assistants how to style and demonstrate with products? You can set up a separate ghd styling station where your assistant can showcase self-styling techniques for the client to try, using the products and tools themselves to experience the benefits.

How do you encourage clients to buy more than one product?

As salon owners, you invest in a range of products and if you’re all just talking about one, the others will end up gathering dust. As a hairdresser, you know it takes more than one product to get a look. Think of it like skincare; you cleanse, tone, moisturise and add your eye cream. It’s the same with hair – you might use heat protection spray, a hairdryer, a curl product, a styler, a brush to dress the curls out and a finishing spray. They might not invest in all of those things at once, but it’s important to explain that if you want to achieve this look, or replicate your dream hair at home, these are the things we used to create it. 

How can salons use the power couple idea to talk about products?

Talk to your client about the looks they want to achieve at home during the appointment. With the power couples, you can make it simple too – lasting curls, volume, or maybe they want something very versatile to change their look every day. We need to teach clients how to achieve their dream look for the eight weeks when they aren’t in the salon, with the products and techniques to get that. As hairdressers we love to be creative, but we also need to keep things simple so that clients can recreate the look at home – and the power couples really do make it simple.

How can salons be using social media to talk about the products in lockdown?

We’ve all been on social media a lot more than usual recently and it’s true that it’s your shop window for showcasing what you do. We’ve been working with ghd salons to help them make content from home. You can do your own hair, work with doll heads, or even grab your mum if you’re staying with her. Don’t worry too much about it not being as premium as a model – we’re in lockdown and we all recognise that. Showcasing new products and new techniques gets clients excited about coming back to the salon and reminds them why they love coming to see you. If you don’t want to do hair on camera, try talking about the products and explaining their benefits and what you love about them. Be creative and play with what you have, so your clients are curious to try them when they walk back through the salon door. 

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