7 October 2022

New Cool Blond Shades by Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals introduces four new shades for ILLUMINA COLOR, the permanent hair color cream that gives natural looking color results and up to 100% gray coverage with a sheer result.

Illumina Color new cool blond collection includes:

  • – Light Blonde Cendre Gold: adding cool, enriching dimension to hair color.
  • – Lightest Blonde Pearl Ash (10/81): ideal for lightening natural hair up to 3 levels, offers neutralization on warm yellow and orange undertones to achieve clean sophisticated blondes. Also ideal for toning over pre-lightened hair to achieve those extra cool icy results.
  • – Very Light Blonde Mahogany Cendre (9/59): great for toning natural hair levels 7 and above for a delicate and slightly warmer raspberry hue. Try over previously pre-lightened hair for delicate blonde with slight blush ash hue.
  • – Very Light Blonde Ash Cendre (9/19): the perfect choice for gently neutralizing golden hues when lightening or to create a soft icy beige when toning pre-lightened hair. Use on natural hair to achieve natural beige blondes.
  • – Light Blonde Cendre Gold (8/93): #1 for lightening natural hair on levels 5 and above. Beautiful for toning highlights on brunette hair to maintain soft and natural highs in the hair.

Wella Professionals North America Ambassador Briana Cisneros was one of the first to try out the new shades and said, “I personally don’t know how I’ve lived without the new ILLUMINA COLOR cool shades. I have been a massive fan of the ILLUMINA COLOR line because of the way that it literally illuminates the hair from the inside out. It has this beautiful sheer glow and before I had to mix a few different colors to achieve what is now represented in one tube. Honestly, I think my new all-time favorite shade is 9/59. It’s a lovely pink champagne blonde that has a blush nude tonality. It’s magical.”

Wella Professionals ILLUMINA COLOR Step by Step:
Step 1: Section the hair by starting from the temple areas. Take two horizontal parallel sections to top crown creating a rectangle on top of the head. Clip and secure the hair in front of the ear. Take two diagonal back sections from 3 cm above the ear to the center occipital bone. Creating 4 sections.
Step 2: Taking a large weave, back comb the hair by pushing the hair gently back with a comb, use the comb to secure the finer strands – apply Formula A.
 Step 3: Continue until back section is complete.
 Step 4: At hair line use medium weaves for a more natural result. At the remaining top section create large weaves.
 Step 5: Once complete, leave to develop for up to 50 minutes without heat. Shampoo and condition with ColorMotion+. Follow with Blonde Toning Service using Formula B at the root area and leave for 10 minutes before applying Formula C to the mid lengths and ends for further 10 minutes.

Color Formula featuring ILLUMINA COLOR + Welloxon Perfect Developer
A: 30g Blondor Freelights Powder + 45 g 9% / 30 vol
B: 20g 6/ + 20g 6/16 + 40g 4% / 13 vol
C: 10g 10/81 + 10g 8/38 + 10g 8/05 + 60g 1.9% / 6 vol

For more information: us.wella.professionalstore.com


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