28 May 2022

Toni&Guy Artists Inspired by Pantone Colours Of The Year For SS21

Every year the announcement of the Pantone Colour of the Year inspires artists, designers, stylists, and creatives worldwide. For 2021 there Pantone doubled the options with Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray… so Toni&Guy Artists Cos Sakkas and Jo O’Neill met the challenge in style.

Following an extraordinary year of events, for 2021 Pantone made an extraordinary decision to announce two Colours of the Year – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a sunny yellow hue. Maybe because art imitates life? And after a year of pandemic lockdowns, social & political unrest, and economic disasters this year there is hope that a vaccines will succeed in dispersing gray clouds and allow the sun to shine through again. Cos Sakkas and Jo O’Neill Toni&Guy cut and colour artists – reflect this very sentiment in a thoughtful and stunning layered bob in shades of gray with a halo of yellow shining through.

Head of Education and International Artistic Director, Sakkas explains, “The Halo is a series of circular sections which allows the perimeter area to be worked on separately, or to be disconnected from the interior.” This is a go anywhere – do anything cut… bold yet subtle, elegant yet carefree, deceptively simple and sophisticated. “The haircut demonstrates the versatility of technique within the Halo sectioning. The geometric lines and strong build-up of graduation through the profile contrasts the softer interior and fringe areas. The inspiration stems from the trend of raw hair cutting to create a street-cast vibe that is promoting individuality.”

But we all know that the cut is only half of the story. The other half lies in the colour, which International Technical Education Director, Jo O’Neill treats brilliantly.  “A mixture of grey hues and pops of yellow to grab our attention, the colour palette gives platinum blonds a mixture of on-trend tones of Grey with a playful juxtaposing pop of colour, Yellow.” 

The inspiration of two Pantone Colours of the Year Ultimate Gray and Illuminating  – to create a theatrical curtain that opens onto a sunny aura of hope for the coming year.


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