13 June 2024

​BluesMonday: cast off your melancholy by changing your hair color

Eight hair fashion statements to deal effectively with those Monday Morning Blues all year round…

According to an equation, in our hemisphere today should be the saddest day of the year. We are not totally convinced that this is true, but if today you are feeling a bit down, here are a few ideas for your hair, between azure, turquoise, and petroleum blues that can brighten up your #Bluemonday.

1 – Directly from Tokyo, in the profile of @ququ_raaakun7 we find this blue turquoise proposal, suitable for those who love eye-catching rakish look..

2 – Porcelain skin and a gothic soul? Then this is the perfect look, a lolita like the one sportd by @babybluebat. More than a BlueMonday, a romantic and decadent #Bluelife.

3 – Whoever says blue, says Elsa from Frozen! Here is a proposal that brings us back to the time when were were little girls. What do you say about this pastel blue by @glam.by.heather?

4 – Dedicated to a refined and elegant woman, who dares to dare. Here is the blue according to Sens.ùs, in the Marea collection. for those seeking, on this Bluemonday, change, rebirth, and innovation.

5 – 50 shades of blue, with strands ranging from violet to sea green, directly from the Briana Salon in Boston. For those who insist on experiencing all the facets of this BlueMonday.

6 – Blues can also be a musical genre that help you sing your heart out. And if it’s the seaside your missing, and this  BlueMonday nostalgia is even stronger, Lorenzo Marchelle can dispel it with this hue that recalls the ocean.

7 – Is your soul a Rock&Roll forever ones? Here is an idea directly from Madrid (@areyoureadyhair), from blue to violet and everything in between. Those who dispel the blues by turning up the volume full blast.

8 – Petroleum: is the color between blue and green, always on trend, proposed by Kemon for the  season. Alternative and sophisticated like the woman who decides to wear it, it is perfect for those who are frightened by nothing, not even by BlueMonday

Photo credits:
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