2 June 2023

Lilac Aura Introduced As Goldwell’s Color of the Year

There is already something to celebrate in this new year. Goldwell has just announced its Color of the Year for 2021: Lilac Aura. The modern, fresh shade of pastel purple is launching today to colorists and beauty professionals around the world.

“It’s sophisticated,” says John Moroney, Global VP of Creative & Communications, Kao Salon Division. The mid-range lilac, “has one foot in the past, and one foot in the future. There is an inclusion of a blue element, making it softer rather than brighter. It is a shade that speaks to calm and serenity.”

Moroney and the Goldwell International Artists including Rebecca Hiele (US), Agnes Westerman (Netherlands) and Salome de Wet (South Africa), met at a workshop in Berlin (pre-pandemic) with several Zoom follow-ups and came up with the inspired formula, which was refined at a pre-covid photoshoot. Offering guidance to the team was Colour Trend Forecaster Jane Boddy who agrees with the selection, pointing out that the shade is “modern, fresh and electric, adding an element of comfort. It’s between bright and pale,” she says, “and gender neutral. It’s nostalgic, inspired by the retro shades from the 70’s, with a touch of tech. It’s A.I. fashion.”

There is a sense of optimism, not just about the color itself, but about the fact that Goldwell is even introducing a fun shade as its Color of the Year for 2021. “With so many of us on lockdown, we’ve been confronted with ourselves,” Moroney says. “There’s been a lot of introspection. We have asked ourselves what is essential, what is necessary.” This gentle pastel  gives the feeling of peace with just enough, needed, “happiness and pleasure. We are all in a new world,” Moroney adds. ”Lilac Aura is hopeful and uplifting.”

Moroney, his team and Goldwell are counting on the universal appeal of Lilac Aura. With an eye on the international market, Moroney expects the European and Scandinavian countries to start using the color right away, and anticipates colorists from the far east to embrace it quickly, adding that the nano dab of black in the formulation makes it “smokey enough for the asian market.”
The shade is part of the 2021 Goldwell palette as a member of the Essentialism Collection. “It is a formula for anyone to use in Elumen Play,” Moroney says. A true semi-permanent, Lilac Aura is designed to fade on tone, with beautiful results as the color loses intensity after each shampoo.
Moroney is excited to see how Goldwell colorists plan to celebrate the introduction. US based Goldwell International Artist Rebecca Hiele says, “This cool nostalgic bright shade has strength and transcends its metallic hue from light pearl violet to cool lavender. Lilac Aura is the perfect new cool for my client canvases that are light and dimensional.”
“The color has so much commercial potential,” Moroney adds. “It will look great in just about everyone’s hair.” To prove the point, Moroney had his own natural white hair colored with Lilac Aura to help kick off the launch.


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