12 July 2024

Versus Collection by Elie Valiere

Elie Valiere takes us once again into his very personal and singular universe, certainly much more personal this time. His collections are each time complete concepts, here Elie takes you to the depths of his being, to the border between his two selves.

Without telling you who they are, he describes one side to you in a photo and the other, to come later, in video, the same characters in two different worlds.

“Chaos is taking hold of the world and has insinuated this madness in my head, wrapping me in a dark curtain. Like a fatality I must reverse. It is a singular struggle that I allowed to settle between my soul and my destructive life, despite my willingness not to give in in this turmoil. This cage where the world and the people have locked me up and which I try to shatter. It’s me against me. A fight against my own demons. It’s not the world that I end up facing, but myself”, explained Elie Valiere.

Artistic Direction: Elie Valiere
Hair & Color: Elie Valiere
Make-up: Alex Gloaguen
Models: Aurore Istria & Agata Suduiko
Wardrobe: Caroline Bonnin
Photo: Pascal Latil
PR: ELP Hair Production


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