4 June 2023

The four most popular bobs of the moment


In addition to being a breed of cats, the Pixie Bob is one of the four more stylist bob of the moment. Among the current varieties, the Pixie Bob – a mix between the classic pixie cut and a short bob – certainly enjoys the longest tradition, as it was super-cool during the 1990s and has now made a comeback. Don’t you remember it on the lovely head of  Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls, before she became Mrs. David Beckham? In this “pink” and artfully mussed up version, it expresses all its contemporary nature, typically one of the four most stylish bobs of the moment.


The stacked bob is the outstanding candidate for being voted the coolest of these four types. Compared to the Pixie Bob, to which it is somewhat similar, it is decidedly neater and  features a bouffant on top. Moreover, one of the most typical aspects is the very high layering at the nape of the neck, tipping the classic bob forward and the characteristic “points” that can be either the same length or asymmetrical. In the silver version with metal nuances and a few blue strands it reflects the 2020/2021 color trends, making it one of the most popular bobs of the moment.


A mix of the Bob and the Long Bob, this mid-length cut –  the third of these four most popular – is a combination of the first, from which it borrows a slightly tousled styling, and the second, with the pointed tips in front. This Bob also has a typically Nineties flair, and reminds us of a very young Natalie Imbruglia in the video Hit Torn. The Third Millennium version (of the third decade) has one of the colours that makes it a favourite bob: a steel blue which makes it irresistibly “industrial”.

4. LOB

Lob, oh glorious Lob. The Long Bob hasn’t quit being trendy since the 1920s and is always one of top “four bobs of the moment”, no matter when we are talking about this. It is so incredibly timeless that it doesn’t need any crazy colours to be cool. Indeed, nowadays the Lob is a must-have if it is  slightly layered and with big waves, like this one. This example is combined with autumn/winter colours: a chocolate base and a few sporadic Shatush with caramel shades. The bob caresses the shoulder nonchalantly (clavicle bob), while the tips reach beyond the lob by a few centimetres to give the cut more movement.

Cover image | Hair: @bescene

Gallery image: Hair: @headrushdesigns


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