24 March 2023

Three US Hairstylists make it to the 2020-2021 AIPP Awards Finals

Three American haistylists –Antoinette Beenders, Chrystofer Benson and Robert J. Bushy– have been selected amongst hundreds of professionals from all around the world to compete for the coveted 2020-2021 AIPP Awards.

Beenders is a finalist in the Best Commercial and Best Video categories; Bushy is a finalist in the Best Commercial Catagory; and Benson is a finalist in the Best Color and Best Video categories.

This prestigious photographic contest was created back in 1997 by the AIPP –International Association of the Professional Press– and is the most renowned competition in the world of hairdressing, its Hall of Fame including names like Angelo Seminara, Robert Lobetta, Trevor Sorbie, Toni&Guy, Carita, Vivienne Mackinder, Rush, and many more.

This year, despite the difficult circumstances, the AIPP Awards’ got an extraordinary participation having received 482 hairfashion collections from 32 countries from all around the world!

Click HERE to watch the 2020-2021 AIPP Awards Finalists Video Presentation!

Now, the AIPP Member Magazines will vote for their favorite collections/videos and winners will be presented beginning of February 2021 – see below the complete list of finalists:

Alba Andreu @ Carlos Valiente (Spain)
Antoinette Beenders (USA)
Christos Michailidis (Greece)
Desmond Murray (UK)
Elise Antoine (France)
Emma Simmons (UK)
Errol Douglas (UK)
Eternian Kreativos (Spain)
Harri Åkerberg (Finland)
Ismahan Obenali (Netherlands)
Ken Hung @ Salon Era (Canada)
Let Lew (UK)
Megan Panozzo (Australia)
Rebecca Dickenson (UK)
Robert J. Bushy (USA)
Sevda Durukan (Belgium)
Shaun Hall @ Mark Leeson (UK)
Siëro (Spain)
Silas Tsang (Canada)
SK Style Barcelona (Spain)

Alexis Ferrer (Spain)
Angelo Seminara (UK)
Danilo Giangreco (UK)
Dylan McConnachie (UK)
Elvin Soh (Malaysia)
Eros Hair Styling (Taiwan)
Javier Gomar (Spain)
Jose Siero (Spain)
Jose Urrutia (Spain)
Juan Ayoso (Spain)
Justo Seoane (Spain)
Kobi Bokshish (Australia)
Manuel Mon & Gonzalo Zarauza (Spain)
Mark van Westerop (Netherlands)
Norm Wright (Canada)
Salon Pure (Canada)
Sevda Durukan (Belgium)
Tsiknaris Hair (Australia)
Uros Mikic (Australia)
Visavis (Taiwan)

Abby Smith @ Sjenkels (Netherlands)
Antonio Calvo (Spain)
Arjan Bevers (Netherlands)
Christian Ríos (Spain)
Chrystofer Benson (USA)
Darrel Starkey (UK)
Dylan Brittain & Suzie McGill @ Rainbow Room International (UK)
Huub Eysink (Netherlands)
Kristie Kesic (Australia)
Louise Vlaar (Netherlands)
Maggie Semaan (Canada)
Mark Leeson (UK)
Paula Hibbard (Australia)
Richi Grisillo (Australia)
Roar Hair and Beauty (UK)
Shogo Ideguchi (Japan)
Viktoriia Vradii (Ukraine)
Visavis (Taiwan)
Xavier Arcarons (Spain)
X-Presion (Spain)

Arjan Bevers (Netherlands)
Barry Kieran (Ireland)
Borja Carbonell @ Carlos Valiente (Spain)
Christian Ríos (Spain)
Daniel Gallego (Spain)
Desmond Murray (UK)
Elise Antoine (France)
Eos/Men (Spain)
Frederic Mendes (Luxembourg)
Gianluca Caruso @ Toni&Guy (Italy)
Jim Shaw & Daisy Carter @ Toni&Guy (UK)
Joe Habbaki @ Toni&Guy (Australia)
Jos van Asten @ Avanti Kappers (Netherlands)
Juliette den Ouden (Netherlands)
Kevin Kahan (UK)
Mark van Westerop (Netherlands)
Roberto Dallo (Spain)
Ross Charles (UK)
Salon Robert Starý (Czech Republic)
Terri Kay & Andrea Giles @ Mark Leeson (UK)

Anna Pacitto @ Salon Pure (Canada)
Anne Veck (UK)
Antoinette Beenders (USA)
Antonio Calvo (Spain)
Carol Bruguera (Spain)
Christophe-Nicolas Biot (France)
Chrystofer Benson (USA)
Danny Pato (New Zealand)
Hairkrone (Spain)
Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany)
Mr. Rizzo (UK)
Pelsynera (Spain)
Sanrizz (UK)
Shy+Flo (Switzerland)
SK Style Barcelona (Spain)
Tetyana Aleks (Austria)
Tsiknaris Hair (Australia)
Viktoriia Vradii (Ukraine)
Vita Hair Design (Taiwan)
X-Presion (Spain)


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