25 April 2024

The Queen’s Gambit makes everyone crazy for vintage waves

With an accomplice like the lovely Anya Taylor-Joy, the hottest TV series of the moment has piqued a revival of the vintage look from the Sixties. A round-up of hairstyles like the Queen’s Gambit: try them all.

Television series are increasingly becoming both an influence in the phenomenon of costumes and a source of precious inspiration for both fashion victims and coiffure enthusiasts. For example, we can recall the enormous success of Mad Men, for the faithful reconstruction of fashion during the Sixties and Seventies. Or much more recently Emily in Paris, the protagonist of which brunette was elected to be the Carrie Bradshaw of our times. With the release of The Queen’s Gambit we now have a new style icon to study and memorise. Here then is a round-up of all the hair like The Queen’s Gambit to steal a few idea or just let yourself be won over by the temptation of the waves and vintage volumes. A general reflection to break the ice: finally a red-headed protagonist!

Clips and fringe
A smooth and squared off bob, a fringe that falls half-way onto the forehead, and barrettes on the sides like a good little girl. This is the look that Beth wears as a little girl and in the orphanage. A hair look that for us find a contemporary role in the use of hairpins and in a fringe, that not everyone can get away with. A look for those who want to appear a bit strait-laced while maintaining a pinch of snobbish minimalism.

Wavy bob
Just short enough and with just the right bounce, the bob of the Queen’s youth has vintage waves that make her coif compact yet light at the same time. The marvellous tone-on-tone highlights exalt her every move.

Wavy long bob
As an adult, Beth always sports a more relaxed style, but this time a long bob that barely touches her shoulders lends a sleekness to her silhouette and adds and element of seduction. The waves are emphasised above all on the lengths, leaving a minimum of volume at the roots.

Diva waves
From among all the looks in The Queen’s Gambit, these are those of the age of understanding: Beth sports a mid-length wave that recalls the myths of the 1950s and reinterprets them. A side part creates a full-band that frames the face, waves with a more subtle and more regal movement, and highlights that are slightly more orange to illuminate her distinctive red. Everything is perfectly balanced.


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