2 April 2023

What’s in a Curl Loving Cocktail?

From shampoo to style, Eufora cocktails curl loving ingredients for bespoke curl care.

It’s no secret that more and more people are embracing their natural hair texture these days, and with so much chatter surrounding custom care for curls, coils and waves how can a person possibly know what to choose?

Eufora International addresses the curl conundrum with a targeted line of hair care appropriately named Curl’n.

Plant based product formulations feature curl loving ingredients guaranteed to keep all types of textured tresses looking their best. What’s the secret ingredient? There isn’t just one. It’s the science behind a cocktail of ingredients that make Curl’n a winner!

The Curl’n Curl Loving Cocktail includes five key ingredients:

1. 100% Organic Aloe Vera Gel delivers essential nutrients, healing moisture and rejuvenation benefits to both hair and scalp.
2. Rice and Keratin Amino Acids add strength, help reduce moisture loss and combat frizz.
3. Tomato Fruit Ferment Extract contains a unique bio-enzyme to help repair damage, improving the actual curl structure. This curl friendly enzyme improves elasticity and enhances curl retention.
4. Moringa Oil, antioxidant rich with Vitamins A, C, E and Omega 9, helps to protect hair from oxidative stresses – the key to eliminating frizz and encouraging shine.
5. A curl perfecting styling agent, Polyquaternium-72, amplifies the curl “spring factor” creating exceptional curl memory to help hold the shape of high energy, bouncy, curls.

This mighty cocktail provides the foundation for a four product Curl’n regimen which includes Curl’n Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner, Curl’n Perfect Curl Activator and Curl’n Curl Defining Solution. The regimen was designed to work synergistically, meaning the more products used, the better and longer lasting the result. All curls will benefit from this fearsome foursome, so don’t settle for just one; instead true curl care mixologists should invest in Curl’n 4-course curl care for optimal nourishment!

Eufora reminds those who embrace natural texture that curl patterns are unique to the individual, yet can always be altered a bit when damp. For those who have special style sensibilities, or hard to manage manes, layering on the right styling products will make all the difference in how the hair will dry and style.

Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic shares this insider tip, “EuforaStyle Forming Cream applied to damp hair will get curls to “drop” a bit and not expand as much. For a softer hold, and boosted frizz fighting, cocktail Forming Cream with a little Smooth’n Oil Therapy.

While product performance is key in achieving the killer curl, product alone won’t always deliver the desired look. For those not blessed with naturally perfect, bouncy curls, the Eufora RE form Professional Waving System, could make more curly wishes come true – from reshaping imperfect curls to boosting fine, flat hair with added texture and wave.

Launching this winter, Eufora RE form features a cutting edge formula that touts a brand new ingredient cocktail never before used in a professional waving service. This proprietary, naturally derived technology utilizes sugar-based Dimethyglucamine plus Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera to maintain the integrity of the scalp and hair during the waving process. FREE of Thioglycolate, Ammonia, MEA, AMP and Sodium Hydroxide, the RE form system delivers healthier looking waves and curls with unmatched bounce, body, shine and softness.

Interested in learning more about Eufora Curl Cocktails? To kick off the winter season, and the new launch, Eufora National Trainer and Texture Expert Lisa Vann will be presenting an innovative tutorial on texture and waving from service to style. Curious curl mixologists can follow @euforapro or log on to Eufora University for more information on Curl’n and the new Eufora RE form Professional Waving System.


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