9 December 2022

Salon Musings: Stepping Up the Game in the Beauty Industry

At Muse Salon and Spa in John’s Creek, Georgia, traditional southern hospitality and Salon Emotion are the foundation of the ultimate salon experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken –and continues to take– an enormous toll on all businesses, but has been particularly brutal on all service enterprises, including hair salons and spas. More than ever salon professionals are looking to hone their business skills, focusing on the theories and concepts that can be tangibly translated into practice and –more importantly– results.

Melissa Davis, Assistant Vice President, Retail Innovation and Development with L’Oréal Professionnel, gave us the skinny on the company’s latest program to keep their salon partners successful in the offing. “There are so many ways Salon Emotion can help salons grow their business as we navigate our new normal,” says Melissa, “The wonderful thing about Salon Emotion is that, while there are 7 steps that we teach, it truly is flexible and modular enough that it can be applied on a space-by-space basis – literally. One of the goals of Salon Emotion is to look at specific areas within the salon and recognize how they individually make a salon a great place to be. It goes back to the idea that the sum is greater than the parts. We’re here to help with the salons parts!

Muse Salon and Spa in John’s Creek has been totally on board with Salon Emotion for some time, but are now realizing that such an approach is more relevant than ever. Daniel Mason-Jones, Muse Salon Creative Director, says, “Having Salon Emotion as an additional tool in your tool kit is essential, because having the ability to understand how the customer processes their experience through feelings is crucial during these times. People are on edge to begin with coming into a salon due to the inability to truly social distance, so having yourself prepared and putting your staff in the mindset of the customer is key.

Honestly, the consultation has almost become a precursor to ‘The Welcome’, because Covid-19 has reminded us that the consultation happens even before a client steps inside the salon. Of course, there may be a more detailed version when they finally sit in the chair, but that first call, that first question, is when the consultation starts.

Daniel also relies increasingly on digital communications, sharing that: “Creating custom banners and protocols on our salon digital signage as well as social media posts, was key to allowing our guest to understand all of the safety protocols we had implemented as well as retail promos and service specials we were having. Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are crucial to reaching your guests to let them know that your business is still ready to serve them even in these tough times.

Salon Emotion teaches service providers better ways to connect with guests on levels that make their experience superior to any salon/spa experience they’ve had at other places,” explains Daniel, “and our guests immediately notice there is something different about our culture.” And that’s what keeps them coming back.

  • “This year has taught us how valuable our industry is as a whole. Salons should step up their game”
  • Daniel Mason-Jones, Muse Salon and Spa, John’s Creek, GA

After 22 years behind the chair, Jody Mason-Jones now brings his vast experience to Muse Salon and Spa as General Manager, while globe-trotting partner Daniel Mason-Jones gleans inspiration worldwide to fuel his drive as the Creative Director. Together they are a team that impeccably focuses on guaranteeing guests a world-class luxury experience from the moment they make their first appointment, founded on and in keeping with L’Oréal Professional Products Divisions’ Salon Emotion program.

For more information, please visit www.salonemotion.com or follow on Instagram @salonemotion.official


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