27 November 2021

Vitality’s Zero Color: Veganism in the World of Beauty

Demand for vegan products is growing in the world of beauty. ZERO Color by Vitality’s has renewed itself with a more ecological conscience, shifting the emphasis onto the sustainability of consumption and respect for the planet.

Veganism is a philosophy of life, entailing ethical and consumption choices; it also embraces trends, counter-culture, animal rights and a healthy lifestyle. It is becoming a truly global phenomenon. Even in the beauty world, such issues are attracting ever growing attention. Starting from this premise, Vitality’s has chosen to embrace the vegan philosophy with ZERO Color, a new range of sustainable colouring, attentive to the problems of our planet.

With a soft, creamy ammonia-free texture, ZERO Color has replaced PPD (paraphenylenediamins) with PTD (paratoluenediamine) for a color that can be tolerated by even by the most sensitive scalps, offering up to four shades of lightening in total safety, based on on three pillars:

The ZERO Color formula does not use any substances of animal origin or derivation and is GMO-free.

A tangible sign of ZERO Color’s daily commitment to respecting the planet and the well-being of women. Vitality’s laboratories have calculated the Natural Index of ZERO Color, which uses objective indicators* and criteria to establish the percentage of natural ingredients in its formula. (*ISO16128)

Contains organic extracts of green tea, aloe, marshmallow, equisetum and thyme. With anti-oxidant and emollient properties, they help protect colour and leave hair softer and silkier.

The range is completed with Activators, three formulations to perfectly cover white hair with luminous color, with a limited risk of allergies and irritation. The mixing ratio between the two products is 1: 1 with a development time of between 30 and 45 minutes. ZERO Color combinations create 46 shades inspired by the light and tones of nature, for bright and intense color: from ash shades to golden copper, from coppery shades to iridescent purple.


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