27 January 2023

Hot News! OMC Hairworld announces the OMC Stylist Awards Winners!

This year OMC organized an exciting contest on Instagram to share opportunities for artistic growth and invite their virtual community to become part of the OMC family. Thousands of pros from all around the world participated in the 2020 OMC Stylist Awards and the winners have just been announced!

The competition took place from May, 2020 thru August 15, 2020 and the OMC organization upped the jackpot of cash prizes, adding two categories and allowing the use of mannequin heads for the Ladies and Gents Commercial Cut categories.

OMC is the largest professional hairstylists’ organization in the world and is responsible for hosting a very special competition for those who thrive both in their career and on the digital hairdressing realm. With over 50 member countries and over 2,000,000 individual members worldwide, this is a competition that will lure the most competitive and, at the same time, most advanced in the industry on a global scale.


LADIES TREND CUT WinnerWayne Lloyd (Ireland)
GENTS TREND CUT WinnerAndrea Camposano (Italy)
LADIES CREATIVE COLOUR WinnerThomas Mork (Norway)
LADIES COMMERCIAL CUT WinnerElmira Klepchinova (Russia)
GENTS COMMERCIAL CUT WinnerEnzo La Gatta (Italy)
CREATIVE BRIDAL MAKEUP WinnerYuliia Velichko Logvinova (Ukraine)

The OMC organization established for $30,000 in cash prizes to be divided among the top 10 finalists in 6 categories!

Don’t miss the Winners’ Gallery below!

For more information, please visit omchairworld.com


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