11 December 2023

Grey coverage gets cooler with Luxelights service featuring NEW Wella Professionals BlondorPlex

A new survey* found that nearly 3 out of 4 women aged 35-55 list “gray coverage or grey root coverage” as one of the top three reasons they visit hair salons.

To address this demand, Wella Professionals is excited to share the latest in grey coverage techniques. The salon environment is more challenging than ever, and Wella is proud to offer stylists products they can trust, delivering high performing results.

Introducing Luxelights, a service that enriches the root area with a soft shadow effect for gray coverage, while revealing natural highs and lows within the lengths and ends.
▶ Gives the illusion of natural, sunkissed, youthful hair.
▶ Can be used on multiple hair types, from fine to curly.

See below for formula recommendations to achieve #CoolBrunette and #HoneyBlonde Luxelights looks, featuring NEW BlondorPlex and Koleston Perfect Pure Naturals.

BlondorPlex, launched April 2020 – Blondor’s seven levels of lift combined with Wella’s Bond Builder Technology for 97% less breakage!
Koleston Perfect Pure Naturals, launched March 2020 – four EXTRA cool shades with 100% gray coverage to address even the most resistant grays and whites.

#CoolBrunette formula recommendation
➤ Step 1: Section the hair into five sections.
➤ Step 2: Weave out large sections of hair and paint formula away from the roots. Four foils per quarter.
    Formula: 30g BlondorPlex + 45g 6%
➤ Step 3: Deepen the root area with formula. Apply just over the line of the regrowth. Develop, rinse, use WellaPlex No#2, shampoo and apply Blondor Seal&Care.
    Formula: 30g 55/02 + 30g 6%
➤ Step 4: For a luxury high shine finish with a soft tone, apply formula root to tip. Develop and rinse until the water runs clear.
    Formula: 10g 7/18 + 10g 8/97 + 20g 1.9% + 20g Post Color Treatment

#HoneyBlonde formula recommendation
➤ Step 1: Divide the hair into four sections. Work from the front hairline towards the crown, take fine slices and apply formula root to tip
    Formula: 30g BlondorPlex + 45g 1.9%
➤ Step 2: Repeat on the other four quadrants of the head. Working from bottom to top. For a softer effect you can back-comb the root area.
➤ Step 3: Apply formula to the root area. Develop, rinse, use WellaPlex No #2, shampoo and apply Blondor Seal Care.
    Formula: 30g 88/02 + 30g 6%
➤ Step 4: For a luxury high shine finish with a soft tone, apply formula root to tip.
    Formula: 20g 9/31 + 20g 1.9% + 20g Post Color Treatment

*Results from a nationally representative survey of 1,000 women, which was conducted in August by DeVries Global and market research firm Dynata.


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