2 July 2022

Cultivate Color Perfection with EuforaColor: Artistry and Skill + Science and Nature

Ever wonder why race cars require high octane fuel? Simple, there are higher standards when it comes to getting peak performance. The same holds true when you want to deliver the best professional color service.

Color artistry requires skill, but color perfection requires a balance of skill and science.

The most beautiful color technique can be compromised in a heartbeat. The combination of alkalizing agents and dye precursors can cause irreversible harm if not applied with care and skill, and color selection can make all the difference. If the hair color is not formulated to protect the delicate nature of each unique head of hair, even the most skilled colorist can end up suffering through fadeage and worse… dreaded breakage. When it comes to peak performance there can be no cutting corners.

Color perfection demands EuforaColor. Designed with care –by colorists for colorists– EuforaColor stays true to the Eufora people and planet friendly philosophy, while adding an extra dash of stock-keeping smarts. Eufora Color Development Manager, Joanne Rempel worked closely with R&D to develop a color that would provide the ability for high performance, hybrid formulas – mixing Low and No Ammonia color together in one bowl using only one developer.

What you should know: Micro Molecular Pigments in EuforaColor are atomized in a vacuum environment, producing hair color with 99.98% purity. These tiny pigments easily pass through the cuticle layer penetrating deep into the cortex for longer lasting vibrancy.

A cocktail of nature’s healers, aloe vera, jojoba and beeswax, infuses EuforaColor with fatty glycerides, natural emollients, protein and moisture for ultimate shine and conditioning benefits.

Universal Cream Developers contains buffering fatty acids derived from coconut to nourish and vegetable extracts for softness and shine.

Business Smart – fewer than 120 shades of EuforaColor and 7 Developers are all that’s needed to create amazing color artistry. Endless color possibilities with just one line of exceptional hair color in the dispensary is now a reality:

  1. ● Easily lift and deposit with EuforaColor Low Ammonia.
  2. ● Achieve permanent or demi-permanent coverage with EuforaColor No Ammonia.
  3. ● Blend Low and No Ammonia together for customized results.
  4. ● Achieve bold fashion colors with Artisan Direct Dye.
  • For colorists who want to dive deeper into the science of EuforaColor, there is Eufora.University and The Eufora Advanced Training Academy where they can explore the technology behind the color, learn how to formulate for predictable results and develop signature shades for each guest.

For more information please visit www.eufora.net


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