5 March 2024

Reconnect – The Salon Emotion Experience

When times get tough, salons can evolve and thrive by restoring their relationships with clients through the ultimate Salon Emotion experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting emergency shutdowns have had a devastating impact on many small businesses, hairdressing salons especially. These are trying times that put our mettle to the test, obliging us to evolve and adapt. They have also given pause to reflect on what will never change: human values, empathy, and passion – consolidating the importance of relationships.

We spoke to Yureesh Hooker, National Artist and Educator for L’Oréal Professionnel, who observed, “I am a firm believer that we are not in fact in the ‘beauty business,’ I believe that we are in the relationship business. Approaching our clients as human beings and not just as customers, building strong relationships on top of a foundation of trust and true connection, using our empathy, listening to understand and not to respond, are all relevant in business no matter what times we’re in, let alone these complex times. Empathy is so essential right now on many levels, and it is the lens through which Salon Emotion looks at business. Whether dealing with the Covid-19 experience and its aftermath, or the more recent societal movements, strong connections and deep relationships will be what allows us all to thrive in this moment, and into the future. That’s what Salon Emotion is ultimately all about.”

Created by L’Oréal Professional Products, Salon Emotion is a unique transformative program designed to heighten the client experience and drive loyalty to partner salons that implement an exclusive seven-step program that provides the tools, mindset and training necessary to create the ultimate client experience. Making the client central to the experience will set a salon above the rest.

Indeed, Yureesh quotes the Salon Emotion mantra: ‘Great products and services are everywhere; it’s amazing experiences that are hard to find.’ He claims, “As much as our clients will be telling us that ‘their hair missed us’ during quarantine, the truth is that they missed our conversation, our laughs, our connection, and our relationship even more.”

As an educator, Yureesh has come to understand the give and take equation of relationships that often add up to a win-win on different levels. In a Salon Emotion salon it all starts with the Consultation. “The tools Salon Emotion shares in how to listen to understand and not just to respond, in how to connect to our clients’ human needs and not just their customer needs, and in how to introduce the retail conversation in this moment is a thread that weaves throughout the entire service organically,” he explains. “Many attendees have shared wih me that this approach has been a game changer for them and their business,” says Yureesh.

In fact, many attendees –after attending a Salon Emotion training and event and applying its principles consistently– report that they have been able to increase their revenue significantly over all. Yureesh says feedback from artists indicates that they have been able to increase their rebooking, their retail, and their average tickets as well. Other salons that have shifted their entire salon culture to be more client and experience centric have seen an increase in business, as well as in team job satisfaction.

Join the future and elevate the client journey in your salon. Find a class today at SalonEmotion.com

Many hairdressers might find this sufficient incentive, but Salon Emotion adds another whole level to the hairdresser’s experience as well. “So many of us have gotten so lost in ‘what’ we are doing, that ‘how’ we are doing it has suffered. And in turn many of us have forgotten ‘why’ we fell in love with our craft in the first place,” he comments. “When people hear what this program has to share, it reconnects them with that passion and that purpose that truly is the foundation of why we all got into this amazing industry in the first place… When I get a message from a team that shares with me that I not only helped them experience more success in business, but also more fulfillment in their career and in life, that’s when I know that Salon Emotion has really made a difference.

For more information, please visit www.salonemotion.com or follow on Instagram @salonemotion.official


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