6 October 2022

10 Suggestions for Taking Care of your Curls

The Llongueras Artistic Team unveils the definitive guide to taking care of curly hair, keeping it moisturized, shiny, bouncy, and soft. Ten professional tips and tricks that eliminate frizz and help control waves.

We all know that curly hair needs special care. That’s why the Llongueras Artistic Team advises a daily care routine for curly hair. Indeed, curly hair tends to dry our and break faster than other types of hair. Factors like humidity make styling difficult and add volume, that is not always the look you’re looking for. Below are 10 excellent suggestions for curly hair!

1. DAILY CARE. XXL-sized locks require specific care, but the care also depends on the type of curl. If curls are thin, hair should be washed about every two days, to help prevent  curls from losing body. If, however, curls are thicker, Llongueras recommends washing hair only once a week or when you feel its dirty.

2. USE SPECIFIC PRODUCTS. Like the frequency of shampooing, specific products for curly hair should be used. If curls are thick and dry, taking care of curly hair means using specific products that help to control and define curls. For this type of curl, it’s best not to use products with a sulphate base, becue they tend to dry out the shaft. On the other hand, if curls are thin and oily, DO NOT USE specific products for curly hair, because they may give the opposite effect, in that they may weigh down waves and make them lifeless. For these waves, it’s best to use a pH neutral shampoo and then apply a conditioner, especially if it is a leave-in mousse. Products with silicones and parabens should also be avoided for these types of locks.

3. ALWAYS WET. Hair with extra-large volume should be combed under the shower and with conditioner or specific masks. Start at the tips and work your way up to the roots. Moreover, it would be best to avoid brushing or combing lengths again until you next shampoo. A beauty tip: always use a wide-toothed comb.

4. REMOVE HUMIDITY CORRECTLY. Start drying hair under the shower with your head down. The secret is to patting the ends of the  hair carefully and then gradually move towards the roots, to that curly remain well-defined. Avoid rubbing hair repeatedly with the towel to prevent tangling. Then you get out of the shower, don’t wrap hair in a towel, as this tends to increase frizz. Just drape the towel over your shoulders. A beauty tip: use a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt.

5. FINALLY, RINSE WITH HOT WATER. Rinse the conditioner or mask with plenty of hot water to help well-defined curls take shape. Do not rinse curly hair with cold water, because low-temp water tends to fill the cuticle and harden it, which in turn lengthens it.

6. BEFORE GOING TO BED. Never go to sleep with wet hair, because your curls will flatten out. You need to be certain that your hair is 100% dry before going to bed.

7. THE DIFFUSER? ABSOLUTELY! Use a diffuser to dry wet hair completely with your head down to get heavier curls. The hair dryer should be a low-power model, but with high heat so that hair does not frizz. To take care of curly hair, the experts at Llongueras recommend making the fewest passages possible with the diffuser and opt for a more gentle drying over a longer time, until hair is fully dry. During drying, avoid touching hair with your hands or with your comb. A beauty tip: Once your hair is dry, apply a shine spray on the mid-lengths and ends to keep hair shinier.

8. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR CURLS. Avoid touching your hair after you have concluded your hair-care routine. Playing with your hair ruins the shape of the curls. Moreover, fingers can remove natural moisturising oils from your hair or, on the contrary, add others, making hair either too oily or too dry.

9. FOR AFRO HAIR. The Llongueras Artistic Team recommends sleeping with a silk beret to avoid frizz and the loss of moisture. Fibres like cotton and friction with the same can promote the production of sebum and loss of shine.

10. AN EASY-PEASY HAIRSTYLE. Curly hair can be further enhances with a soft braid, which is also a smart way of styling hair without using heat.  this is a quick updo that will keep hair away from your face, but at the same time will not curch your curls.


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