25 April 2024

Don’t Miss Out: 3 Practical Ideas to Keep your Salon Clients Comfy

The gates are open and salons openings are off and running, at least in states where the lockdowns have been lifted. The appointment calendars are filled. And yet something fundamental is still missing…

A perfect cut, a new color, a freshly done balayage… what is it that urges us to go to the hairdresser? First of all, obviously, self care. We can finally leave our home and we want to be certain that will be looking good. And what are the sensations we experience when we visit the salon with all the new health-care standards and protocols? One this is certain: nothing is like it was before. We are living in a new normal.

Clients have undoubtedly developed and assimilated a heightened sense of hygiene. It is also true that those moments of well-being, those well-deserved breaks from the daily routine, those deep breaths and those relaxing chats with your favourite hairdresser have ceased to exist. Naturally we hope that everything will soon get back to “normal” human relations between hairdressers and clients, the ones we were had become pleasantly used to. 

However, during phase 2, it is important that the client’s not be cheated of pleasant and relaxing sensations during her or his stay in the salon, perhaps with little gestures that go above and beyond personal health and safety regulations. What can you do? Focus on the senses like sight, smell, and hearing. Here are three simple and easy ideas to try out and help you create #feelgood moments in your salon:

1. XXL Decorations. Yes! Exactly! Exaggerate the size of the floral bouquet in your reception area to create an unexpected WOW effect for your clients eyes. Flowers, especially if they are colorful and perfumed, can boost anyone’s mood. Your salon team will also love them.

2. MUSIC please! Every music lover knows the magical effect of melodious sounds and relaxing rhythms. Now more than ever is the time to delight the ears of your clients and help them enjoy positive moments of relaxation. During the weekend, create a playlist ad hoc for your salon and turn up the volume every so slightly. Music can be therapeutic and can spread happiness.

3. CELEBRATE the moments: create a brief video of one of your styling sessions, add the right music, and post it to your Instagram account. The sensation of being served by a professional with something extra will instil glamour and well-being in your fans while waiting for their next appointment.

And don’t forget that even your eyes can smile, even if your pearly whites are hidden behind a mask!


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