24 July 2024

Spa Style Luxury from Takara Belmont

Yume Spa is Takara Belmont’s original shampoo treatment which gives clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort, bringing spa-style luxury that enables even high-end salons to upgrade their service offering. Yume Spa is best delivered via the Yume Series Wash Unit and the Spa Mist II processor.


The Yume, Yume DX and Yume Espoir present a way of immediately up-scaling your services and the customer experience. They also enable you to expand your service options, introduce spa-style treatments and boost revenues. Whether you opt for the Yume DX, the Yume or the more compact Yume Espoir, your salon is investing in the pinnacle of equipment innovation. Designed to elevate the quality and range of backwash services, they allow for the introduction of new premium treatments, such as head massage, facials and beauty treatments, whilst transforming your salon into a haven of tranquillity and serenity. As the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, these fully motorised systems enable you to gently manoeuvre your client in and out of the perfect treatment position, as double gel-filled neck cushions delicately support the head to promote a sense of total well-being.

The Yume shampoo system is a revolutionary equipment innovation that transforms your salon into a haven of tranquillity and serenity. The rotating Yume DX delivers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. It gently motions the client in and out of the treatment position, as gel-filled neck cushions and pillows delicately support the head to promote senses of harmony and total well-being. Bringing a spa-style concept to the backwash area, it not only gives the customer new shampoo and treatment sensations, it allows the salon to monetise these experiences by charging a premium and introducing new services.


Spa Mist II adds yet another dimension when paired with the Yume. This mobile treatment processor generates an ultra-fine mist to open the hair cuticle at a low temperature allowing the concentrated ingredients and colour pigment to penetrate each hair shaft without damage. Hair health and condition are actively and visibly improved, treatment results prolonged, and colour intensity & vibrancy are enhanced.

With tangible results on hair and their overall sense of well-being. This exclusive protocol is best delivered via the Yume Series Wash Unit and the Spa Mist II processor. When these equipment concepts are combined the Yume Spa treatment is elevated to a spa-style experience. Takara Belmont designed and launched this concept many years ago for overseas markets and now there are six models in the Yume Series, with a seventh model due to be released this year. Not all models are available worldwide, as these are introduced according to the unique hair and beauty cultures in different countries.

True beauty comes from within, when the soul is at peace – with Yume Spa, your valued customers will experience a revolutionary shampoo treatment that unleashes their inner beauty. To discover more please contact beauty@takara-net.com or visit https://beauty.takarabelmont.co.jp/yume-spa/


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