27 May 2022

In This Together: Happy #HairdresserAppreciationDay Everyone!

During the past 6 weeks, Estetica’s #HairdressersStayingStrong campaign has been a dominant feature across our global network and social media platforms. This initiative has been just one expression of how we are all facing this challenge together.

As it now draws to its close, we are proud to announce that an incredible 250 digital front covers of Estetica Magazine have been produced, each one featuring an inspirational quotation by renowned hair protagonists from around the world, along with their image. These messages have arrived from a staggering 38 countries all around the world. Despite geographical distances, the core messages have all been very similar: while we have published many messages of positivity, optimism and support, the most common recurring theme has been one of solidarity – of hairdressers expressing both strength in unity and pride in the industry which they represent.


While it’s still too soon to celebrate any definitive victory over COVID19, today –April 30th– is #HairdresserAppreciationDay – another opportunity to honor hairdressers everywhere, while celebrating their creative genius. A talented hairdresser will not only make you look good but also make you feel good, so we’re delighted to throw our support behind #HairdresserAppreciationDay.

So, we invite salon clients everywhere to find a way to express their appreciation or their hairdresser. A message, or a gesture of kindness –however small– is certain to be welcomed. Just include the hashtag #HairdresserAppreciationDay and join us in being part of something huge!


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